‘Dealgala’ misuses P.M.’s security detail – His civic rights shall be stripped therefore !

(Lanka-e-News - 11.June.2017, 11.00PM)  Law and order minister Sagala Ratnayake alias ‘Dealgala’  the spineless  invertebrate best known for his worst habit of shameless  stooping   , has by  abusing the laws and the public  funds beefed up his own security detail selfishly and unlawfully, based on reports reaching Lanka e news.  The photo herein bears testimony to this .

This ordinary minister had taken along with him members of the security detail of the prime minister when he went overseas , thus wasting public funds. The two individuals in the photo marked in red are members of P.M.’s security team- that  was when they travelled with Sagala   abroad. Moreover this spineless invertebrate who prefers stooping dishonorably for his personal lascivious gratification , to serving the country,  which service is   his honorable duty  and onerous responsibility  takes with him six official vehicles of the P.M. along with latter’s security personnel , even when he   idly roams the streets citing official grounds (  he knows to do nothing better officially ) .

When  there is no security council report of any  threats whatsoever to life, the country’s laws do not permit providing security wasting precious  public funds to every one, or to  cure their lascivious itch developed consequent upon shameless  stooping .
The security detail of the president must provide security to the president and his family , and the security detail of the P.M. should  provide security to the latter and his family. 

When that is the true position, members of the security detail of the P.M. providing  security to this shameless stooping political snake under the grass ordinary minister  who is waiting  for the first opportunity to sell his soul as well as  the honor of the ministerial portfolio to  betray the party , masses and the country , is absolutely unlawful. This constitutes  not only abuse of his own official powers, but also  abuse of powers that belong to the P.M. thereby rendering himself   liable to a serious crime punishable with  withdrawal  of his civic rights. 

Hence , it is high time the president who is in charge of the overall security of the country takes a decision in this regard. 

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සාගල අමෙතිතුමාට අගමැති ආරක්ෂක සේවය මන්ත්‍රී වෙන්න කලින් ඉඳලම දීලා තිබුනේ. ඒ අයියලා නම් හරිම හොඳයි. මේ පින්තුරේ සුපුන් මාරසින්හ අයියා එහෙම හරිම හොඳයි විනීතයි. එත් ඔතන දෙනියායේ පොන්සියෝ දෙතුන්දෙනෙකුත් කළු ඇඳගෙන කනේ පොලිස් රේඩියෝ හෙඩ් සෙට් ගහගෙන සිකුරිටි එවුන් වගේ අපිට දාන පුස් පාර්ට් තමයි පෙන්නන්න බැරි. ඔය ගෙවලයෝ නිසා සාගල හාමුගේ මගුලත් කැඩිලා ගියා. කොහෙද ඕකුන් අපිට චන්ද කාලේවත් අපිට සාගල හාමුට ලන්වෙන්නවත් ඉඩ දුන්නේ නැහැනේ. ඒ මදිවට අර රොහාන් විජේසුන්දර කියන ලංකා හොස්පිටල් එකේ අද්‍යක්ෂ වෙලා හිටපු හොර දොස්තර බඩා ලංකා හොස්පිටල් එකේ රස්සාවල් දෙනවා කියලා ගමේ කෙල්ලෝ කඹුරුපිටියේ මිරිස්වත්ත වලව්වට ගෙන්නගෙන මහදවල් වලව්වේ දොරවල් ජනෙල් වහගෙන කෙල්ලෝ දුෂණය කර කර මාර සැපක් ගත්තේ. ....
-- by Nuwan on 2017-06-12

President,Why you are silent like a deaf? Public repeatedly requested you to replace Sagala with Sarath Fonseka, so far nothing has been done. Is there any problem about it? It's your duty to put the right people in place for the benefit of the people. Please don't wait till the situation get worse to take action. Efficient Ruler always make quick decision and take action on time. You are not making use of the advantage of having Sarath Fonseka in the government.
-- by Aussie on 2017-06-14

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