Sri Lankan youth by threatening to explode a bomb forces plane to make emergency landing in Melbourne !

(Lanka-e-News - 02.June.2017, 8.15AM)   A Sri Lankan youth who threatened   that he was having a bomb which  could explode , and sought   to get into the cockpit  of the pilot of a plane  MH 128 belonging to the Malaysian airlines service had forced the plane that was leaving for  Kuala Lumpur to make an emergency leading at Melbourne airport .This incident happened at about 11.00 p.m. Melbourne time on the 31 st. At that moment  there were  337 passengers on board the plane.

This 25 years old youth who held the passengers captive for 20 mins. had  travelled to Australia on a student visa to learn culinary art and is living in Australia  .

The police that rushed  into the plane and arrested the youth only to discover that he was lately being treated for mental instability . At the time of the arrest he had consumed alcohol or taken some drug. It was a  battery charger he had used to threaten the passengers while pretending he had a bomb. 

The Australian police are of the view this is not a terrorist threat , but are wondering how the youth embarked the plane. In any event , the Sri Lankans living in Australia are thoroughly disgruntled  over this incident because the  image of Sri Lanka has been dented by this incident .

 ( In the photograph is the youth inside the plane when he was arrested , and the security personnel entering the plane) 

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What is the difference, besides sheer lunacy and a warped ideology, between this youthful aircraft-hijacker and the ven. Galaboda Ahethe Gnanasra who has hijacked the noble teachings of of the Lord Buddha? Yes, both have disrespected the law and their motherland and therefore need to be taken care of by an honest and just court of law.
-- by Sisira Somaratne on 2017-06-07

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