India sends 3 ship loads of supplies :Aid from Pakistan and UN too ! -Don’t get caught to rackets of money laundering and tax evading TV channel Mudalalis

(Lanka-e-News -30.May.2017, 9.00AM)   ‘Big brother’ India the neighbor of Sri Lanka who is always in the ready to  provide aid immediately when disaster strikes the country  , had sent the first consignment  of supplies  on the 27 th by the vessel ‘Kirch’ . The Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka said , when the vessel was headed elsewhere it was re directed to SL at once with the supplies within  a day. The vessel has 125 crew  members who have experience in relief operations ; a swimming team ; and  a mobile medical team .

Tharanjith Singh the Indian High commissioner in Colombo handed over the consignment  to foreign minister Ravi Karunanayake . Singh said , the second ship “Shardul “, the medium level vessel was arriving on the 28 th.

In that ship there are extra relief supplies  while the third ship is getting loaded at Vishakapattam , and that contains a huge quantity of items for relief operations   . The name of that vessel is “Jalashwa’and will be here on the 29 th.  Because of its  enormous size , a large consignment of goods  will be brought by that vessel , ‘Nithin Yeola’ , the media chief of the Indian High Commission revealed. 

It is following the meeting with the Indian High Commission soon after Ravi Karunanayake took up appointment as new foreign minister , it was decided that as a matter of policy India should provide instant and maximum aid in such disasters . India’s prompt action is an outcome  of that policy discussion.

Meanwhile Pakistan has also come forward to provide aid at this hour of national crisis .Discussions were held with the disaster management center of SL regarding the necessities. During the drought in SL on the last occasion , Pakistan supplied 10,000 metric tons of rice to SL. 

The UN Organization  office in Colombo  following a request made by the foreign minister , had also come forward to provide aid to disaster struck SL .As immediate relief measures , drinking water , water purifying  plants , tarpaulin sheets , medical equipments have been provided , and more is in the pipeline commensurate with  the needs. 

Mahajara Maharajas , kudu Mudalalis and share market swindlers under the pretext of providing aid fatten even on death and despair ….. 

While all this foreign  aid are  pouring in through  the intervention of the government , there is in SL a group that revels and rejoices on  death and despair whenever the country is stuck by disaster .  The unscrupulous media coolies of mahajara Maharaja , are collecting flood relief  funds and goods from kudu Mudalalis and stock market swindlers with fraudulent motives and for wrongful self centered purposes as usual. 

While the government has clearly notified that the  supplies shall be made available to government’s district secretariats and disaster management centers , these swindlers and rogues are not only collecting aid illicitly but  also trying to paint the picture and brag  that the foreign aid received are  because of them .

The villainous scoundrels of Mahajara maharaja via their TV channels  claimed that the foreign aid received is because of them and not owing to government’s efforts. They are of the view that if they have television channels , that would suffice, and they are the be all and end all of all what they survey.    Mahajara Maharajas entertain the notion that just because the  moronic media directors at presidential secretariat and the face book are under their pay , and are collecting monthly ‘santhosams’ ( ‘jara’ – kickbacks) from mahajara maharajas , and those scoundrels are kowtowing to ‘jara’ and Maharaja , the latter has captured the country . Otherwise they will never   have the audacity  to claim  because of their TV channel aid is flowing in. 

This cold calculated  fraud of alarming proportions  perpetrated – collecting aid  , by these rogues and rascals well ahead as soon as  there were  signals of the  impending disaster even when it was at a distance should be frowned upon by one and all. These traitorous swindlers  resort to these trickeries and treacheries in order to cook their accounts and produce bogus figures with a view to fraudulently avoid the tax payments due to the state. Or to exploit the opportunity for   their money laundering activities. 

They make ostentatious displays that they are providing aid to the poor through their various programs and competitions, but  in fact those are all racket oriented.  Their  programs and sponsorships of competitions to distribute awards too  are a huge farce. We have  copious and cogent evidence to prove this. We shall  reveal them after the country’s situation returns to normal . 

During a disaster , it is the duty of the public to render assistance , but that must be done with the approval of the government and should be delivered only to the authorized centers that receive them .  Though aid were  collected via the Television channel under its name , these sewage pipe Mudalalis  have never presented accounts in that regard. Therefore , it is being warned not to fall prey to the traps of these sewage pipe Mudalalis , Kudu Mudalalis and share market swindlers who are  engaging in so called charity activities to achieve their self centered  and  fraudulent motives , either to cheat the government on tax payments or to carry on their traitorous money laundering activities .

(The photograph depicts the ship “Kirch’ arriving in SL carrying supplies provided by  India) 

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it is disgraceful and shameless that Sri Lanka turned a blind eye during recent floods in East India , when Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh was inundated with floods. Now they gleefully accept when India provides ship loads for the Sri Lankans. Where are all the anti-India protesters ?. Probably waiting to loot the donations given by considerate neighbors.
-- by Jude Fernando on 2017-05-30

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