Helicopter engaged in flood relief operations meets with disaster ! Passengers and pilot escape! (photo)

President congratulates pilot on his valor and skill

(Lanka-e-News -30.May.2017, 9.00AM)  An Air Force  helicopter MI  17 that was engaged  in relief operations to the victims of floods met with an  accident when trying to descend suddenly  following a mechanical defect. Owing to the skills of the pilot however there were no casualties. There were six passengers in the helicopter at the time of the incident. 

The crash landing was made at Dekanna , Inimankade , Baddegama 

This clever pilot scodren leader Banuka Delgahagoda had managed to  save  a house  while landing. Though the helicopter suffered damage , but because Banuka managed to save the lives of the passengers , the president who is the chief of the commanding forces   phoned the pilot and congratulated him.
The three forces are doing a yeoman  service towards rescuing the victims of floods and landslides and this helicopter had been operating without any break. 
M.S . Yaparatne an Air force soldier who went to rescue a group of women who were trapped in an estate  hostel belonging to a tea factory at Duliella, Kosmulla, Neluwa on the 26 th died when the cable snapped , and he fell down. The speaker Karu Jaysuriya visited the house of the soldier  yesterday to convey his condolences.( photograph herein)  

While it is an indisputable   well and widely known  fact that the three forces are risking even their  lives while being engaged in rescue operations,  the Sirasa , Hiru and Derana unscrupulous media competing with  each other , and trying to appropriate that  credit due to the forces wrongly and  falsely  is most reprehensible , shameful and repulsive.

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