Padeniya’s contempt of court trial on 2 nd August : Hordes of Joint opposition politicos in court !

(Lanka-e-News 25.May.2017, 10.30AM)  Dr.Padeniya the GMOA president  who is by now a byword for  cruelty to patients through  staging frequent meaningless GMOA strikes  , and therefore better known as ‘Doctor mocker’  was summoned to court today based on charges of committing contempt of court .  This was a sequel to a petition filed on the 4 th by professor Sarath Wijesuriya, the convener of national campaign for just society  ,  and Gamini Viyangoda , the convener of the Citizens Front organization  requesting court to  conduct a trial and punish Dr.  Padeniya for vilifying courts and demeaning its  powers . 

Padeniya who raised objections at the beginning itself said , based on the notice it has been presumed he is guilty . Therefore , the judges have no powers to hear the case.

Upul Jayasuriya PC who appeared on behalf of the petitioners making his submissions elucidated, the usual  procedure had been followed when  notice was sent in relation to contempt of court charges. The court issues notice because it believes there has been a contempt of court , and that is decided during the trial ,and today the charge sheet only was  served on the accused after reading the charges to him . Hence the accused can advance his defense in  the future , Upul Jayasuriya clarified to the accused.

Thereafter the two judge panel of the appeal court , Rohini Walgama and S. Thurairaja read out the charge sheet and explained it  to Padeniya before handing it over to him. The lawyers for Padeniya  did not raise any objections to it.

The case was postponed until 2 nd August.

Lawyer Nimal Marapone appeared on behalf of Padeniya.

There was a  most intriguing side to  this case  going by those who were in court  for Padeniya : Dr. G.L. Peiris, Dinesh Gunawardena , Pavithra Wanniarachi , and several M.P.’s of the  joint opposition were present . This was an index that Padeniya is more a political pimp and less  a medical doctor . No wonder he  shows no  concern for his profession , patients and above all the sacred oath of Hippocrates. It is unsurprising ,  he is the first GMOA president  who farts around organizing  frequent frivolous strikes to the detriment of the country , people and patients even when his fart which always stinks does not  stink just  once. 

Another lop sided incident was : Carlo Fonseka the president of the Medical council also being present in court to follow Padeniya’s case, implying that the Medical  council is no longer independent, while also confirming  it is also another organization  stooping to do the sordid biddings of the joint opposition trade union  .

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It is high time government declaresMedical service, petroleum, electricity to be essential Services.In the case of GMOA if any patient dies due to doctors strike , people who organized the strike be tried for man slaughter
-- by Mugalan on 2017-05-25

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