Peratugami University students defy court order and suffer : Children of Peratugami leader and Wijeweera are studying in Australia !

(Lanka-e-News- 19.May.2017, 7.45AM)  It is a well and widely known fact the Padeniya group is most stubbornly refusing to accept every just and reasonable solution offered by the government regarding the private medical College issue because it is driven by most villainous ulterior motives .Under the cover of SAITM , before staging their next odious strike against which public protests are mounting rapidly , the Padeniya group used the Peratugami Inter University student  federation members as tools to do their sordid biddings – that is to stage protests in Colombo on the  16th. When these students staged a protest  march  on the 16 th the police had to use tear gas to disperse the protestors.

The group including Lahiru Chaturanga Weerasekera the convener of the students federation , Rayan Jayalath the convener of the medical faculty student federation , Tampitiye Sugananda ( robed monk)  convener  of Bhikkhu inter university federation , and their supporters were issued an injunction order by the Colombo chief magistrate Lal Ranasinghe prohibiting them from going in procession on the 16 th in front of and around the national hospital , Eye hospital and higher education  ministry which could obstruct the daily activities of the public or cause a breach of the peace. 

When Tampitiye Sugananda was handed over the court order by the police , he most contemptuously threw it down and trampled it . In addition he went on the unlawful protest march (photo depicts how Tampitiye Sugananda trampled the court order) .

The protestors started their march from near the Fort railway station .  The police however without  dispersing the crowd  at the outset idly watched and allowed the protestors to march up  to Town Hall . After the tear gassing , the protestors marched into the Victoria park . Unfortunately when the tear gas attack  targeted the park , the park visitors were most inconvenienced. 

Following the police tear gassing 15 times , 21 casualties were hospitalized , and 10 were arrested.
Puerile Lahiru Weerasekera who villainously violated the court order , when  speaking to the  media said like a great hero ,  he  and his group are accustomed to tear gas and baton attacks, while adding with great pride  their journey cannot be stopped by bomb attacks and  shooting .

The court issues a  restraining  order … The Peratugami goes in procession in defiance, and the court issues an order again. One of the two should only take place. But when both actions take place on and on , it is evident the court and  civilized society are obviously being made court jesters.

Student leaders should become students’  heroes , but what kind of heroes ? As heroes of the Higher education who secured the best benefits from it  ? Or heroes who reaped the benefits  and then ruined those? 

In recent history , not a single convener of the Inter University students federation  acquired a doctorate, let alone a post graduate qualification. After spending a number of years more , they just managed to acquire the basic degree  qualification.

Neither have they been able to secure a respectable post nor have they  commanded respect in their lives. Some others failed even to make a success of their simple lives , not to mention their  failing to pass the basic degree exam. H.B. Herath , Sirisena, Upali , Dharmasiri are some of the past conveners who are failures with  whom the writer has close friendly ties. Though all of them were personally ‘good’ individuals , owing to their taking the wrong road they wrecked their lives prematurely .They meeting their Waterloo  following a  disaster or bizarre involvement  was  inevitable.

While the children of Peratugami leader and Wijeweera are learning in private Institutions in Australia , their followers  - the foolish children who are agitating to close the private education Institutions are  wreaking havoc on their own education and falling victims to tear gas attacks , only to destroy their future and precious lives. It is such immature minds that are misled by these so called leaders.

If these foolish immature students who fell victims to the tear gas attack take the trouble to carefully preserve the last paragraphs of this article , and read it again after 10 or 20 years , they will irrespective of what opinion they formed today , are certainly going to pay glowing tributes to us  lighting oil lamps after having realized the prediction of Lanka e news made today is indeed true.

By - Chandra Pradeep

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