Shiranthi’s profligate Paris Wesak holiday creates fear psychosis among Foreign ministry employees !

(Lanka-e-News -07.May.2017, 11.45PM)  The expenditure of a whopping Rs. 25 million incurred by the senile duo  Shiranthi ammandi  and Daisy aachi  using up   foreign ministry expenditure allocations to see Wesak in Paris was confirmed by the statement made by foreign minister Mangala Samaraweera in parliament . We are pleased that Lanka e news took all the trouble  to make this odious report known to  the world. 

We wish to make a revelation in connection with  this Wesak pleasure trip ,as  employees of the foreign ministry.  It must be pinpointed the  latter can only release funds only in relation to expenses concerning the affairs of the ministry . 

For example, if a minister of any  ministry is visiting a foreign country , the funds to meet that expenditure shall be released by that particular  ministry , and the Sri Lankan diplomatic mission in that relevant  foreign country has no rights  to defray those  expenses. Accordingly , the expenditure incurred by the ex president’s wife should have been  met by the presidential secretariat , and not by the foreign  ministry . In such instances , the funds must be released via the presidential secretariat .  In the circumstances , the secretary who was the chief accounts maintenance officer of the foreign ministry at that time has committed a most serious offence by acting in contravention of  the regulations by  defraying the expenses. 

Therefore action should have been  taken against this secretary under the establishment code . Yet , this wrongdoer on the contrary was given a foreign diplomatic appointment instead of being punished.

In the same way , it was foreign affairs ministry that authorized funds to ex monitoring M.P. Sajin Vaas Gunawardena to associate with prostitutes and see blue films . In another instance , to cut a cake for the birthday of the daughter of ex foreign minister Bogallagama , a sum of Rs. 100,000.00 was spent , and that payment was released out of the funds of  the SL  foreign ministry  through the  SL High Commission in Britain . Two super luxury buses too were purchased spending colossal amount  of the foreign ministry funds  to serve the crazy whims and private purposes of ‘Namal baby’.  These two buses are now nowhere, and cannot be traced. All these are waste of public funds , aren’t they ? Mind you all this fun and frolic had been indulged in by Ammandis , Daisies and ‘babies’  wasting public funds !
It is incredible but true ! Some SL diplomats abroad returned to the country (they are even now holding diplomatic posts) during  the run up to the last presidential elections to campaign for Mahinda  Rajapakse, and all those expenses were met out of  state funds .Their salaries and allowances were paid by the foreign ministry  . Since state officers cannot engage in election campaigns ,  under the Establishment code action shall  be taken against them.

What we are trying to explain and emphasize is , there are several such scoundrels and rascals who engaged in illicit and rascally  activities, even today  within the ministry of foreign affairs , and are holding sway.

 Legal action shall be taken against them , without which , simply tabling the corruption and illicit activities  that raged within the ministry, in  parliament will serve no purpose. If the minister does not take action against the corrupt and the crooked , the faith people have in him will be eroded , and his prestige undermined. It is our perception that even  in the midst of these rackets and exposures  , if eyes and ears remain  closed , it will be tantamount to having given tacit  consent to the wrongdoers to commit more crimes .

-By a group of employees of the ministry of foreign affairs 

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I met current 'Pethikada' TV presenter, Mr. Bandula Jayasekera at the Cinnamon Red Hotel in Colombo in December 2014 just before the last presidential election. At that time he was the Sri Lankan Consul General for NSW based in Sydney. He was staying at the hotel and engaged in MR's election campaign. All the expenditure was covered by Foreign Ministry of Sri Lanka.
-- by Jayantha on 2017-05-08

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