Infamous brothers Arjuna-Dhammika rob the Port after registering two spurious Cos. ! Monthly illicit earning Rs. 4 to 5 million..!

(Lanka-e-News - 30.April.2017, 9.20PM) Yet another fraud committed by the most notorious minister of Ports  , Arjuna Ranatunge of the good governance government , an infamous  Blue Brigand crook  jointly  with his uneducated brother , Dhammika Ranataunge the Ports chairman has come to light , based on information reaching Lanka e news inside information division 

This fraud has been committed through  the formation of two spurious companies by the Ranatunge brothers, and producing bogus vouchers to collect monies for the services provided in connection with the  unlocking of cargo of the cargo vessels arriving at the Port and locking of cargo that are loaded  to  the cargo vessels at the Port . 

There were ten companies registered  to carry out the above services . Now , two Companies by the names AAN marine service and ANT marine services which are the fake  companies of Ranatunges , have also been registered to provide the services. 

Now that these two companies have been registered , after submission of bogus vouchers  payments are collected fruadulently . The sum involved in this fraud is as large as Rs. 4 million to 5 million rupees per month! Unbelievably ,  there isn’t a single employee of these two fake  companies engaged in any services  in the Port. If there are employees of these two companies , they should  have Port permits etc. to enter the Port. No such permits have been issued. But collecting payments through bogus vouchers are going on unhindered monthly , and it is these two infamous “crooked brothers’ Company” having control over the Port which is collecting these illicit funds. 

These aforementioned spurious companies have been fraudulently registered by the Ports management advisory service Pvt. Ltd. The corrupt and crooked Ranatunges having identified this service as the floodgate for their plunder and robberies ,firstly  appointed a notorious paramour of Arjuna Ranatunge  as its CEO , and her name is Maneesha Kannangara . Maneesha who was living together with Madhawa Wannegedera for a long period , was ‘robbed’ by Arjuna. The latter gave her residence at  380/76  Sarana road , Baudhaloka Mawatha , in on e of the official houses belonging to the Ports . Later , when Lanka e news  exposed Maneesha –Ranatunge scandal , and amidst the protests raised by the employees of the Port, she was removed from the post of CEO of the Ports management advisory services , and was made  a director of Shipping Corporation thereby absorbing her into their ministry .

Subsequently , another cousin brother of Ranatunges by the name of Mangala Gunasekera was appointed as CEO of the Ports management advisory service  Pvt. Ltd. It is a well and widely known fact it was this  Mangala Gunasekera who gobbled up billions of rupees on the Galle Face Christmas tree which too was a fake  project supposedly aimed at creating a world record but  ultimately ending in the world’s  ignominious records !  It is this same Mangala Gunasekera , a buddy of the same feather robbing together with the Ranatunges , like birds of the same feather flock together , who has registered the two companies , AAN and ANT marine services illicitly.

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These guys are terrible human beings. They are bon for corruptions.
-- by Saman on 2017-05-01

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