‘Red card’ issued to Weerawansa by his party threatened with breaking down ! Decision on 19 th -NFF secretary and group have secretly met with president

(Lanka-e-News -17.April.2017, 4.30PM)  Following the fasting and breaking fast pavement drama staged by  Wimal Weerawansa while in remand custody to secure bail , a conflict had erupted among  those in the  highest stratum  of his party , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. 

The highest stratum of Weerawansa’s NFF (National Freedom Front)  party is comprised of about 17 members which represents  the politburo. Only five members of that group are saying his histrionics is right while the majority are of the opinion that  the party gained nothing out of the fast staged by Weerawansa (the  fart) , and that  had only made the party even more unpopular among the people and his conduct was most reprehensible. 

The majority of members of the politburo blamed him for staging the fast at the initial stage itself  , that is within just four days by getting himself  admitted to hospital  , when the fast must be used as the last weapon . Therefore the members accused Weerawansa of degrading and insulting  the party and a people’s struggle to the level of  a joke. The party secretary is antagonistic towards  Weerawansa because the  latter before commencing  his fast (pulling a fast one) had not obtained the permission of the party , and neither had he notified  his party leaders. 

It is because of these reasons and the conflicts within the party  , Weerawansa did not get the support of his party from outside while he was fasting (pulling a fast one in fact) within prison . It is only when Weerawansa went home after getting released on bail , that he realized there are conflicts raging  within the politburo of the party  . 

On the day Weerawansa secured bail , he phoned the general secretary Priyantha Vitharane and instructed him to convene a politburo meeting . Priyantha instead of heeding his request  had launched a verbal onslaught on Weerawansa using the choicest language, while rejecting  his request . Priyantha has directly told him on the phone , he has no   need any more to do politics with a political eunuch . 

Following this clash , somehow with the intervention of Weerawansa , the politburo meeting has been fixed for the 19 th. According to our inside information reports , the meeting on the 19 th  is most likely going to be the NFF’s  last politburo meeting with Weerawansa participating as its leader. 

Except  five members or less of the politburo constituted of 17 members , the rest are bitterly slating Weerawansa at every turn . They had openly said, at their party headquarters itself situated  at 7 th floor Sathosa building ,Pitakotte  , that Weerawansa is a recalcitrant arrogant lunatic  only , and therefore not fit to be a leader . They cannot go any further with Weerawansa on the journey , they had pinpointed. 

Muzammil who was until now the media spokesman for Weerawansa’s party has also openly and furiously castigated Weerawansa .He charged that Werawansa’s wife and children scold the politburo members and treat them as well as the  employees like slaves most contemptuously.

Copious  information with evidence about the frauds committed by Weerawansa including state funds amounting to over Rs. 5000 million , the place where those are hidden , the modus operandi ,  the properties purchased locally and abroad  are already  being circulated among the majority of the  politburo members.   

While allowing his wife Sashi Weerawansa to sleep with boys and dogs at Hokandara ,Weerawansa is living in another house at Bambalapitiya  for most nefarious  purposes , they alleged .  All this information and more about his sinister ,illicit and  amoral  sexual activities are now with the general  secretary , and the politburo is most disappointed . The politburo has therefore frowned upon his (so called patriot) outrageously obnoxious conduct .

A group including Priyantha Vitharane ,the party secretary has had discussions  with president Maithripala Sirisena , and on the 19 th at the politburo meeting if Weerawansa does not accept the egregious sins and political wrongs committed by him  , as well as the controversial venomous conduct  of his family directed against the party leaders , the politburo members will be joining with the president , and that is a right of the NFF , the group declared. Thereafter the NFF sans Weerawansa will be functioning as a party of the UPFA , sources from within the NFF  disclosed. 

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