Ranil’s security advisor contracts ‘Royal’ and ‘P.M’ supremacy fever – courting disaster for the forces..! Letter to president

(Lanka-e-News -08.April.2017, 2.00PM)   Retired major general Sumith Balasuriya the security advisor to  prime minister (P.M.) Ranil Wickremesinghe has contracted an odious   ‘Prime minister fever’ cum ‘Royal fever’ , consequent upon which henchmen and the corrupt are being appointed to the posts in the army ‘s nerve center whereby the defeated deflated pro Gotabaya groups are being administered saline and revived , according to a true war hero of the army who has made these allegations  with evidence.

This war hero has addressed a letter to president Maithripala Sirisena the commander in chief of the forces with a copy to Editor , Lanka e news. Since these base actions of retired General Sumith Balasuriya should be stopped forthwith , we are publishing that letter for the benefit of the public.

His Excellency the president 
 Commander in chief of the forces. 
Mr. Maithripala Sirisena 
His Excellency ,

It was the fervent  hope of all of us , following your victory on 2015-01-08 , the pro Gotabaya Rajapakse group which was on the rampage within  the Sri Lanka army until your victory ,  would end  and justice would prevail through  good governance .

However , even after one year elapsed since the advent of good governance , the fruits were collected by the same pro Rajapakse group within the army. Even when Good governance completed two years in 2017-01-08 , there weren’t any changes, and the same Rajapakse groups remained entrenched. 

The main reason for this unwelcome situation is , Sumith Balasuriya who is the security advisor of the P.M. ,by flaunting his powers as P.M.’s security advisor  before the army commander is awarding foreign scholarships to follow courses  , giving appointments  to army officers who were Royal College students   and  to those  who were true to him  when he was in the artillery regiment of the army ,violating laws and procedures. 

Examples :

Major General S.T.D. Liyanage the Military Liaison officer (MLO)  was replaced by Brigadier D. R. Ranawake of the artillery division. When Ranawake was serving as the head of  the 56 th regiment , in order to execute  a plan of Gotabaya Rajapakse , along with actress Anoja Weerasinghe under the pretext of rehabilitating the LTTE terrorists he canvassed votes for Rajapakse  .

Brigadier Roshan Seneviratne (artillery) who was the assistant security co ordinating officer was appointed as the director , army’s media .

While major general Kariyakarawana , an officer of the Wijayaba regiment was  confirmed as an utterly  incompetent officer during the period of the war , and there is also a   letter recommending that he should not be given  any commanding posts , yet because he was an old Royalist  , on the recommendation of Sumith Balasuriya and the army commander he is appointed now as Kilinochchi  commander.

Brigadier P.L.T.B. Jayawardena (Sinha) and officer W.A.S. Werawardena (artillery) belonging to  course No. 4 were recommended to  be  sent on retirement by the army headquarters based on inefficiency. Yet Weerawardena  was appointed as the chief of the 65 th regiment , and subsequently Brigadier Jayawardena was sent on retirement because there was no backing for him.

Recently , there was a circular under the signature of Major General Walgamage stipulating that officers who were absent during the period of the war without applying for  leave for more than two days shall be sent on retirement sans promotion beyond the final rank . Some days later because the circular was militating against several favorites  and minions , it was amended  so as to increase  the number of days of  leave to 4 days so as to rescue them from the penalty. . This is clear inference directives are changed from time to time to suit each individual.

Even after  the amendment to  the directive to permit four days leave without applying ,   Brigadier Thilak Weerakoon of the Artillery regiment who during the period of the war took  more than 4  days leave without applying  in fear of the war was , instead of being brought down in his seniority rung  and punishing him was sent  to serve in the SL embassy in China because he was a stooge  of Balasuriya.

Wives of Balasuriya and army officer Anura Sudusinghe are together engaged in export of flowers . In order for Sudusinghe to supervise this business better , Balasuriya has got down Sudusinghe to Colombo as Director sports. Mind you this was effected ignoring the officers who are serving in difficult areas North and East for over two years .

A board was appointed recently in regard to promotions to the major general post. Brigadier Jagath Gunawardena who was removed because he could not endure the war hardships , and became insane during the war period , is being groomed by the army commander to be made a major general after his NDC course , it is learnt . The reason for this is , Jagath and the army commander have been in the same regiment .

Yet Brigadier Wimal Dias who was reinstated  by the president to the military police after  the former was sent on retirement owing to  political victimization , despite having all the qualifications was deprived of the opportunity . Wimal Dias’ wife committed suicide because Dias was sent on compulsory retirement by Gotabaya .Dias who is a father of two children will be reaching  the age of 55 on 28 th  February 2017, meaning that he will have to retire promotion. It can be imagined what injustice he has suffered. 

In the same way , Sumith Balasuriya of his own accord has appointed retired major general W.B. Jaysundara (artillery) his crony as army secretary .

Therefore , Sumith Balasuriya has been appointing his stooges to prominent positions in the army unjustifiably.  This is akin to oxygenating  Gotabaya’s force of the previous government . Mahinda Rajapakse had to pack up and go home because of Gotabaya’s unjust and corrupt activities .Hence, it is a pertinent question whether the good governance government too despite being fully aware of  what happened to Mahinda is also heading in the same direction owing to Balasuriya ?

Your Excellency , the examples furnished above illustrate how  good governance is being undermined within the army. Slowly  but surely , the officers who faced sufferings during the war are to be sent on retirement through criteria created via the army commander. We wish to draw the attention of your Excellency to the necessity to send the officers who left the forces in fear of the terrorists during the war be sent on pension after preparing the necessary criteria towards that as this is the opportune  moment, and keep back the competent officers only. In that event the 563 rd commander in chief of the Jaya Sikuru operation will get the opportunity to retire. Thereby all will stand to gain .

Moreover , might we pinpoint  , officers in the army who are stooges of Gotabaya and currently paving the ‘way for disaster’  are earnestly anticipating the return of Rajapakses  to power .

In the circumstances , we are requesting your excellency , the commander in chief of the forces to establish  a just and good governance which would hold sway  within the forces

A true war hero

Copies to :
Hon. Prime Minister
Defense secretary 
Editor, Lanka e news. 

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