Unscrupulous media lie profusely on judge Kannan’s appointment : president and JSC too wrongly accused..! -President’s castrated media director in a deep slumber

(Lanka-e-News -02.March.2017, 11.55PM)  During the last several days , media coolies of some of the leading media Institutions  reported that the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) had notified the president that the recommendation made to appoint Ramanathan Kannan as a high court judge is invalid in law ,and that  president Maithripala Sirisena has also  inquired  from the JSC about its opinion as regards Kannan’s  appointment . These reports  are absolutely false , as revealed to Lanka e news by a spokesman of the JSC.

The spokesman confirmed categorically  that the JSC has not sent any such letter to the president , and the latter too had not made any inquiries from the JSC. 

This  despicable newspaper canard has been published by a group of pro MaRa lawyers via  a journalist Manopriya Gunasekera. Ali Sabry the infamous black coated turncoat , cutthroat and opportunist  who appears on behalf of all the cases of perfidies , and criminal activities of the marauding murderous people discarded Rajapakses,  in his maniacal excitement  following his appointment as the vice president of the BASL had used a group of  journalists including  the junior journalist Manopriya to splash this fake news .

The JSC has no powers to release communiqués rectifying the false reports , and it is only the presidential media division that is empowered to do that.  However the presidential media division has not taken such a step. 

Dharmasiri Ekanayake the director of the presidential media division being  also under the pay of Kili Maharaja , has therefore made the latter’s Capital Maharaja private enterprise an affiliate of the state presidential media division .Dharmasiri’s gaze being  fixed only on  filthy lucre however earned , has no interest in his official duties nor any motive to safeguard the reputation of the president when latter’s  name is unnecessarily implicated in such bogus reports .Neither does money maniac Dharmasiri have the capacity to forestall such rascally activities of the media scoundrels   intended to disgrace and denigrate the president .

This is clearly borne out by the Presidential media director’s  response . When Lanka e news tried to contact the presidential media director at 0773  148646 to  inquire why they are keeping mum when prominent  unscrupulous  media  had descended to this lowliest of levels to blatantly and brazenly lie to the detriment of the country and the public , the phone of his signaled it is  disconnected. 

That is Dharmasiri Ekanayake has proved he is such a castrated eunuch who cannot keep even  his phone connected. How can he ? when  this Eunuch  could not  keep his own  t….icles connected  and from being castrated ? 

Maintaining such scoundrels at public expense is indeed a most criminal wasteful exercise.  Believe it or not ! this mahajara Dharmasiri has still not repudiated our accusation that he is receiving a monthly salary from Maharajas too. How can a government officer collect a monthly salary from a private establishment ? 

This most deplorable and detestable newspaper canard aforementioned went  so  far that  it was reported in the newspapers in Jaffna too on the 1st , the appointment of Kannan as high court judge by the president , was rescinded by the president himself . This is absolutely untrue. 

After the appointment of a judge , that appointment cannot be withdrawn based on the method of appointment adopted. A judge who is appointed can be dismissed only in the event that judge has breached the disciplinary code , and after the JSC following its inquiry finds him guilty. Hence , the news reports of the unscrupulous media scoundrels  are most damaging and merit condemnation .

When it was probed what action the mass media ministry and the information department are going to take  in regard to the dastardly and unscrupulous media which are propagating malicious and mendacious reports abusing  powers , it was learnt , the mass media secretary is gathering  data with a view to issue an official communiqué. 

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