President replaces his ‘cyanide talk’ with ‘Tube light talk’; segregates war heroes from criminals..! He must match his words with deeds

(Lanka-e-News- 31.March.2017, 11.45PM) Issues pertaining to any officer of the forces ,staff member or  war heroes who fought against the LTTE during the war will be addressed  by him , the president said . As regards incidents such as murders and  abductions committed or attacks launched on media personnel , sportsmen and sportswomen , or others of other sectors who are not LTTE terrorists , and who are not a threat to national security , in such cases if anybody is involved in committing those crimes, whether he /she is an officer of the  government, the  forces or the police , he has no necessity  to rescue them , and   he has only the necessity to resolve   such issues and remedy the faults with a view to safeguard the image and repute of the forces , president Maithripala Sirisena went on to elaborate.

The president made these comments when he attended the inauguration ceremony of  a new  building at Kurunegala for the children of heroes of the security services on the 29 th.

This latest announcement of the president is like  a  ‘ tube light’  lit  yet deserves  respect. 

Indeed , it is this stance the pro good governance masses  took  on 2015-01-08 , and Maithripala Sirisena became the president because of this stance. In fact  Maithripala Sirisena’s stance was this from 2015-01-08 until his cyanide theory announcement in October 2016.

However , after the Commission investigating allegations of bribery and corruption put Gotabaya the accused on the dock , Miathripala saying ‘War heroes are  being hunted’  , planned to send  the Bribery Commission ,Director General home while enacting the ‘cyanide’ drama . It is worthy of note  , it was therefore Maithripala himself and not the pro good governance masses who indulged in the histrionics. 

Again  it was president Maithripala and none else who  transgressed even the laws brazenly  to reinstate in service the criminal army officers involved in the abduction and disappearance of Ekneliyagoda when they were released on bail. The president  also went further to make statements against the criminal army officers being held in remand custody .

Even thereafter , it was the president and not the pro good governance masses who went on bragging  at so many places at various times   making  fierce gesticulations  that he would rescue the ‘war heroes’ while seeking  to    rescue the criminals of the forces.

On every such occasion , the pro good governance masses declared ‘ you are wrong president’ . But now , lo and behold ! the president himself has suddenly become a  lit  tube light.

Lokka who phoned  FCID and CID to rescue the criminals….

Lanka e news wishes to reveal a most important piece of information that has surfaced so far…
The good governance government comprises two chiefs – the president and the prime minister (P.M.) . One chief gave calls to the FCID and the CID conducting investigations into the crimes committed during the nefarious lawless decade of the Rajapakses, and that chief was no less a person  than president Maithripala Sirisena. It is significant to note Ranil Wickremesinghe the P.M. has not given any call to those Institutions. This is borne out by the records of the in-coming calls received by those Institutions. This came to light because every call received by those Institutions is recorded. 

In case president Maithripala Sirisena is refuting our allegation , we shall reveal that report .

Hence,  ‘tube light statement’  made at Kurunegala on the 29 th by President Maithripala Sirisena cannot be given credence  to by the people .Sadly , it is president Maithripala himself who  has undermined the faith reposed in him by the people on 2015-01-08 , and  alienated them . It is all because of his derailment by heeding the advice of foolish farts clustered around him  as advisors. Hence , the president  must not stop at lip service , he must prove it  by deed if he is to win back the trust.

In the circumstances , the pro good governance masses are asking a trifling favor from him.  That is , duly interdict the army suspects  (now out on bail) in the murder of Ekneliyagoda who have been reinstated illegally .

This is an action that can be taken by the president who is also the commander in chief of the forces , instantly . By this he can prove his statement made on the 29 th is not just lip service. it is then the pro good governance masses can give credence to his statements and accept  him as a leader who can be trusted. In that  case,  the masses would also believe that he may have not given phone calls to the FCID and CID to rescue the criminals.

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