Weerawansa who is always after illicit filthy lucre tried to commit suicide even over illicit love..!

-Letter written in his own handwriting ….

(Lanka-e-News - 28.March.2017, 9.45AM)  Ex minister Weerasangili Panikiyage Wimalasena alias Wimalasiri Gamlath alias Wimal Weerawansa the notorious fraudster currently in remand custody over misappropriation of Rs.90 million or more of public funds and other grave charges  , and who is supposedly trying to stage a fast unto death , better described as Lemon Puff fast 2 because he is truly pulling a fast one , has even several years ago tried this same suicide trick and gimmick . We publish herein a copy of the letter received by Lanka e news written in his own handwriting sent by him to Sashi Weerawansa .

Unfortunately a copy of this letter that was in our library was destroyed when our Lanka e news portal was  set on fire. However in response to our request made yesterday , a  number of our viewers had sent that letter copy.

The letter reads thus :

My dear Sashi,
Please pardon me. Because you are not giving me an opportunity to rectify myself and go forward into the future , I do not wish to live any more.

Please forgive  me  … Wish you a bright future. Please look after the two children on my behalf. I love the small daughter and son a lot. I am sorry . But there is nothing that I can do. 

Please forgive me..


Weerawansa had signed this letter in the name of  “Gam’ because at that time in keeping with his faceless character  he was going by the name of Wimalasiri Gamlath also.
Poor Weerawansa has via this letter asked for forgiveness and admitted to have committed an unpardonable  wrong . This wrong referred  to was  an illicit  sexual relationship while having two children , and Sashi getting wind of it.  His asking for pardon on three occasions in that short letter alone proves what a grave and grievous wrong he has committed.

No  sooner Sashi saw  this letter than she  sent a fax message to the office of the JVP to which party he belonged at that time. The JVP leaders taking swift action had sent a group to Weerawansa’s house , and managed to rescue moronic   suicide maniac Weerawansa.  We shall in a subsequent report reveal how the latter showed his ‘gratitude’ to those who saved his life !

Going by this record , his present attempt to commit suicide too  may be  because his conscience is so  guilt ridden as before , and the heinous crimes  he committed in the past are haunting and preying on him . Perhaps his aim is to commit suicide before the courts can mete out punishment to him , and thereby portray himself as  ‘hero who fasted unto death’ and suppress all his perfidies  with a view to deceive the masses , in the same way as he has been  duping the people all along via trickeries and treacheries.

It is a well and widely known fact Weerawansa is not only a fraud but also a coward who cannot face the people under his true name. This is why from time to time he had been using various names and various passports under different names. Such racketeers rob public funds and assets to decorate themselves with  false ostentation including  counterfeit fame  , as well as  to cover up their acute inferiority complex ,while  living  a life of deceit and debauchery.

On the contrary , if he truly had any sincere intention to prove to the people he is truthful , and  live a life of an honest and virtuous  politico  , he had enough opportunities and time to  resolve the housing problems of the people during the ten long years he was the minister of housing. Yet , instead of solving the issues of the people who  helped him to become a minister  , he distributed the houses meant for the people and built out of their funds ,to his relatives unlawfully for cheap prices .  In addition he distributed 40  official vehicles of the State to his relatives , cronies and henchmen as if  those belonged to his dowry property.
What’s more ! he built a mansion for his wife out of robbed public funds. Now ,when these are being exposed ,this uneducated cowardly  crook who is suffering  from inferiority complex ,  unable to face the people and the voters he cheated wholesale , trying   to commit suicide is not a matter for surprise. 

The letter of attempted suicide of Weerawansa addressed to Sashi was first published by Late Lasantha Wickremetunge , the Sunday Leader editor in June 2008 . It appeared in the Irudhina the Sinhala counterpart of Leader. Weerawansa the grade nine qualified moron was so vengeful and heartless towards Late Lasantha, that when he was questioned by a journalist at  a media  briefing after the murder of Lasantha committed by the very government of moronic  suicide maniac Weerawansa , the latter in turn disdainfully inquired ‘ Who is this Lasantha?’
 ( Our effusive thanks to viewers Sampath, Manjula, Sarath, Nishantha  and  Sena who responded to our request ) 

The image herein can be viewed after magnification by  clicking  hereunder …

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