Major General Mahesh Senanayake - an officer of repute, talent and merit appointed as chief of staff of the Army

(Lanka-e-News - 22.March.2017, 11.30PM) Major General N.U.M.M.W Senanayake RWP, RSP, USP psc was appointed as the chief of staff of the army – a  position which is recognized officially as the second in command in the army hierarchy . Mahesh Senanayake was discharging duties as Jaffna commander and chief of the special force regiment before this appointment.

Mahesh earned a name as a war specialist in planning and made a huge contribution as an army officer during the war.

Yet , this talented officer was dismissed from the army by the criminal Rajapkses after the war because he was labeled as ‘Fonseka’s man’ .Following the advent of the government of good governance , a number of competent army officers who suffered injustice and victimized were reinstated , and among them Mahesh is in the forefront. It were the corrupt  crooked Rajapakses and their slaves who are now shedding crocodile tears for and on behalf of the war heroes that chased out such dedicated competent war heroes like dogs from the army.

Following the retirement of the former chief of staff of the army , a group of bootlickers of  notorious Gotabaya Rajapakse sought slyly to appoint  a notorious crook and disreputable major general Boniface Perera of their ilk citing the ground he is the most senior in the rank . Lanka e news always espousing the cause of justice and fair play highlighted this conspiracy on 13 th March by a report captioned ‘Conspiracy to appoint an ace rogue and  rapist who has created records in those spheres as chief of staff’. But today fortunately with the appointment of Mahesh Senanayake as the chief of staff , that conspiracy was defeated.

A short account about Mahesh Senanayake …

Maj. Gen N .U. M. M. W. Senanayake RWP RSP USP psc was enlisted recruited   to the Sri Lanka Army on  16 th October 1981 with the  Officer Cadet Intake 16 (Long Course) . On successful completion of his training he was commissioned as a second Lieutenant, and passed out with flying colors as 1st in order of merit to  win the coveted sword of honor. He  was then posted to the 1 Plant Engineer Regiment on 23 rd  June 1983.  

As a senior officer he  held the position  of Troop Commander/Squadron Commander in the Sri Lanka Army Plant Engineer Regiment . He was also in the  extra regimental employment as Officer Instructor of  the Sri Lanka Military Academy Diyatalawa. Subsequently , he  volunteered for inter unit transfer to the Regiment of Special Forces in 1989. Maj. Gen N .U. M. M .W .Senanayake actively participated in all the major military operations in the North and East of Sri Lanka. In the Special Forces Regiment he was the  Squadron Commander of 1st Special Forces Regiment as well as   commanded the 3rd Special Forces Regiment which introduced LRRP/LRP  concept to the Sri Lanka Army. 

Mahesh Senanayake had served in the  Regimental Center Commandant of the Special Forces Regiment, Commander 211 Infantry Brigade (Vavuniya), and as Commander Special Forces Brigade and General Officer Commanding 52 Division (Varani, Jaffna). He also held a staff appointment of Colonel General Staff 52 Division and Brigadier General Staff of Security Forces Headquarters ,Jaffna during the  most difficult and crucial period of the war. 

Maj .Gen. Senanayake was in charge  of Directing the Staff at the Army Command and Staff College. He was also  appointed as  Director Plans, during the Humanitarian Operation at the most critical hour of history. Thereafter, he performed duties with the US Army as the Senior Manager ,Project Management of Afghan Operations and Strategic Planning for CRAF (Civil Reserved Air Fleet).

Before his appointment  as the Commander Security Force, Jaffna he was the  Military Secretary at Army Headquarters. 

Maj .Gen . Senanayake is a graduate of the prestigious United States Army Command and General Staff College. In addition  he holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru University India. For his bravery while engaging  in  operations and in recognition of  his  unblemished service in the Army, he was decorated with the awards - Rana Wickrama Padakkama (RWP), Rana Soora Padakkama (RSP) many times and the Uththama Seva Padakkma (USP) .

Maj .Gen .N .U. M. M. W. Senanayake RWP RSP USP psc was  serving as the Commander Security Force (Jaffna) and  Colonel of the Regiment of Special Forces until his appointment as the chief of staff.

He  is married and is a blessed father of two daughters and a son.  

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