Nonentity Malith M.P. who abused chairman of Sectoral oversight Committee powers in deep trouble in mass murder of children case !

(Lanka-e-News -21.March.2017, 5.45AM) UPFA M.P. Malith Jayathileke  the nonentity best known as an Empty Dumpty and a   liability than an asset in parliament for not making  any statement in parliament despite being an M.P. for 2 years ( thankfully , not elected by the people but selected  by the president via the national list ) who is leaving no stone unturned to save the Navy murderers who killed innocent Sinhalese , Tamil and Muslim  school children  after collecting extortion payments , has abused the parliamentary powers by  his illegal interference , based on reports reaching Lanka e news . 

The good governance government introduced a new select committee body  which governs every parliamentarian. That is , the Sectoral Oversight Committee . Empty Dumpty Malith the nonentity is the chairman of the ‘Sectoral oversight committee for national security’ .
Malith  sought to save the criminal Lieutenant Commander Dhammika Anil Mapa who is now in remand custody by flaunting and abusing his powers he wields by virtue of his position as chairman of Sectoral oversight committee for national security .

This Empty Dumpty  nonentity Malith recently visited the Police headquarters along with members of the family of the criminal Dhammika Anil , and after summoning the IGP and the chief of the CID who is conducting the investigation had  questioned ,  what is the evidence against Dahmmika Anil , and at what stage is the investigation at present? while proudly claiming , ‘ these are on the orders of the president’. In addition he has forced the investigators to reveal  sensitive information to the family members of the criminal . The investigators who were nonplussed, embarrassed  and in a state of shock  as a result of the illegal actions of this nonentity are testifying to the unlawful conduct of Malith. The latter had also insisted , since he is the chairman of the ‘Sectoral oversight committee for national security’ he is entitled to  have the information he is demanding  from the IGP and the CID chief.  

Malith ‘s utterance, ‘this is on the orders of the president ‘ is a lie ..

Following our exposure under the caption ‘Now Maithri sends his National list lackey to save the Navy criminals who killed innocent students..! Why is Maithri at pains to wash away the blood stains for others’ sake?’ , the president’s side speaking to Lanka e news  denied  having given any instructions or vesting Mendacious Malith with any powers to say ‘ these are on the orders of the  president’.  This is clear evidence that Malith has therefore  blatantly and unashamedly  lied to the IGP and the CID investigators.

Police officers being intimidated and threatened while bragging  ,’I am the chairman of the Sectoral oversight committee for national security’ is most portentous !

Lanka e news then inquired from a high ranking officer in parliament about the attempts made by this nonentity Empty Dumpty  M.P. Malith to free the most brutal criminal who is in custody while flaunting his position as chairman of ‘Sectoral oversight committee for national security’ and abusing his powers.

That officer pointed out clearly , no chairman or  member of any select committee or M.P. can interfere in cases that are sub-judice .

Moreover if any inquiry is to be conducted  , the officer who is to  be questioned  by the select committee should be summoned before the select Committee within   parliament  by a written letter , and besides , such  inquiries cannot be conducted at any  place according to anybody’s whim.

The Parliament officer further said , simply by claiming that he is the chairman of the ‘Sectoral oversight committee for national security’, Malith  cannot go anywhere and everywhere and hold  inquiries . Moreover ,  under no circumstances can he have the relatives of the accused close by when inquiring from the IGP. This obviously  means  Empty Dumpty  nonentity Malith  has flagrantly abused his parliamentary powers.

Action that can be taken against Malith over his boorish  and foolish  conduct…

When Lanka e News raised queries from a legal expert , senior minister and the Judicial service Commission (JSC) in regard to what action that can  be taken against such an M.P. who unlawfully sought to avert a criminal investigation into mass murder , the following answers were furnished …

Legal action can  be taken against Malith for abusing his powers  .The Police officers can  complain to the magistrate court where the case is being heard that this M.P. is hampering the investigations. Based on the decision taken by the magistrate , secondly charges can be filed against this buffoon of an M.P. in the supreme court (SC) .

There are two ways in which the parliament can take action against Malith for his abuse of powers. 
One method  : An M.P. under order 23 /2 can present a  question  to the speaker .
Second method : A civil Organization or the aggrieved party can complain in writing to the speaker .

Based on the two methods , the speaker can take action against this  nonentity M.P. the Empty Dumpty  for abusing his powers.

Navy Commander too in hot water because of nonentity Malith the Empty dumpty !

At the time of writing this article , it is learnt , the unlawful interference of nonentity Malith , had gone farther than expected . The suspects in the prisons in connection with the mass murder of students are being supplied with food ,beverages and clothes by the Navy out of public funds illegally.Even a Navy vehicle is being used for these supplies. 

Lanka e news  expects to  next reveal the details of the  unlawful activities of the Navy Commander .

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Head of the team of investigators in to this case should inform the Magistrate of this unlawful high handed act of the chairman concerned without delay.
-- by Gratiaen Hewa on 2017-03-21

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