UPFA M.P. Bandula the record breaking liar admits he utters falsehoods, before Presidential Commission !

(Lanka-e-News -10.March.2017, 11.30PM)  Bandula Gunawardena the UPFA M.P.who  said a family can subsist on a monthly  income of just Rs. 2500.00 in Sri Lanka ,  while himself enjoying the best of luxuries , perks and privileges selfishly and shamelessly , and who entered  parliament making false promises of providing the  best of perks and privileges to the people who elected him to power,  after all admitted before two judges of the supreme court on the 9 th that he tells  lies when addressing  media briefings. 

The hypocritical mendacious M.P whose name  deserved a place in the Guinness book of records for profusely lying  admitted his mendacious  nature before the presidential commission in connection with the bond scam investigation.

Bandula the record breaking liar who said at a recent media briefing that he has sent a report to the presidential commission regarding the alleged  bond scam admitted  that he told a lie ,before the presidential commission inquiring into the bond scam ,  and the grounds cited by him at the media briefing  were false . 

The two judges of the SC and  retired deputy Auditor General  who are functioning as the Commissioners of the Presidential Commission thereupon severely reprimanded and furiously warned the shameless mendacious M.P .They also warned Bandula Gunawardena against telling lies and citing bogus reasons  during media briefings to mislead the people . 

The outrageous   side to  this interesting court scene was , Namal Rajapakse (against whom too are cases pending in courts based on criminal charges of fraud and corruption) , the son of  infamous Machiavellian and mendacious  ex president of the country appearing for the record breaking liar of an M.P., as his lawyer . Perhaps , like setting a thief to catch a thief , Bandula has chosen the right lawyer ,synthetic though to rescue him. Amidst all his profuse lying , Bandula at least had that iota of  intelligence to understand  he must retain a bigger liar than he to defend him .

The judges having understood Bandula is a confirmed  liar , when  Bandula admitted his dangerous weakness, recorded a statement of his. 

In response to a request made by Bandula to the Commission to give him an opportunity to reveal what he knows about the bond scam , the Commission granted him the request on the 9 th. 

Lawyer Dappula De Livera the additional solicitor General who appeared on behalf of the commission led Bandula’s evidence .

Members comprising the Commission were : SC judges K.T. Chitrasiri , Prasanna S. Jayawardena P.C.  and retired Deputy auditor General  K. Velupillai . 

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