Inamaluwe Sumangala neglected the statues; more corruption of his surfaces ;new custodians tend towards same lethal infection

(Lanka-e-News -09.March.2017, 11.55PM) Following the exposure made by Lanka e news pertaining to the massive robbery committed by the saffron robed monk Inamaluwe Sumangala who is by now confirmed as a record breaking robber who stole a whopping Rs. 19700 million over a period of 20 years out of  the income earned from foreigners who visited the Dambulu Vihara , we are deluged with information in regard to more corruption committed  by him . 

These corrupt activities are beyond ears and eyes can believe !

Inamaluwe Sumangala who functioned as the chief of Rangiri Dambulu Vihara , at the beginning in 1996 , that is about 20 years ago got rid of the officers of the  Central Cultural Fund who were in charge of the Vihara . It is after that he took  the sale of tickets under his control. 

Unbelievably during this whole of the period of 20 years of his robbery amounting to Rs. 19700 million ,this robed rogue has spent as small  as only Rs 280,000.00 for the renovations  of the Dambulu Vihara from that time until  now.  This is something most astonishing and cannot be believed by any true Buddhist  . Yet this is the incredible truth . These revelations were made by the present new chief incumbent of the Vihara Ven. Rahula Thera .

Yet another shocking truth !

Following  reports that the statues in Dambulu Vihara were  in a deteriorated condition ,the ex archeological commissioner ,  Durandara professor has visited the Vihara to inquire about it. Having realized some of the statues were indeed in a bad condition , the professor had told Inamaluwe that those statues shall be immediately refurbished  .

Inamaluwe who is by now a  confirmed robber  has replied ‘ Buddhism is an ancient religion. Those are things that are subject to destruction like our own lives’. This answer was given by the robed rogue because he feared when  the archeological department visits  the Vihara , Inamaluwe’s colossal thefts could become known. The professor however has not given in . ‘ Ven.Thera , yet , when there is a person dying , what we do is , provide medicines and try to prolong that person’s life even by a day’ the professor had replied. After returning  without success , the professor has in his records mentioned this incident. 

Commissioner for Buddhist affairs again to the rescue of the robed rogue …

Meanwhile  when the fudged accounts pertaining to the early period of the 20 years long robbery  were presented at the meeting of the archeological  advisory council held on the 7 th, it is reported once again  the commissioner General of Buddhist affairs Nimal Kotawelegedera had come forward to   rescue Inamaluwe who robbed Rs. 19700 million unconscionably and profanely . At the meeting the commissioner has fiercely  defended his spurious report , desperately citing  grounds to justify it.

His defense was , it is a conceptual  report .With regard to accounts of the past , there is no such thing as a conceptual report . Such conceptual reports can be forwarded only concerning accounts of the future .In any case accounts and accounting are not like light foretelling. 

It is therefore clear , the present Commissioner of Buddhist affairs Nimal Kotawalagedera  has produced fudged accounts to the government and is persisting  in   that evil habit . Hence it is the duty of those responsible to interdict him forthwith , which is also our request. This is because the sum  of Rs. 19700 million robbed  ought to have come into the coffers of the government , which is no trifling issue. Though the greater amount of robbery was not committed during the period of the present Commissioner , the latter’s attempts to justify the crime is a most serious offence and a dangerous trend. Fortunately , during the meeting of the archeological advisory council meeting on the 7 th , the Commissioner was given the treatment he deserved- he was chased out. 

New custodians too getting  infected with the same contagion ….

Meanwhile doubts have proliferated whether the new custodians who have taken over the Rangiri Dambulu Vihara have become greedy over the huge collections based on sales of tickets. The new group  commenced their first ticket sale on the 2 nd of March . On that occasion both parties have agreed that the officers of the Central Cultural Fund shall monitor it. As was revealed by Lanka e news earlier on regarding ticket sale proceeds based on calculations  , on that day there was a collection of Rs. 2.7 million on ticket sales , and the number of foreigners who visited the temple was about  1800, according to records. 

Yet , the new custodians have driven away  the officers of the Central Cultural Fund.   This is a grave situation with dangerous portents. It will be best if a cure is found before the lethal infection spreads .

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