UPFA hoodlums make parliament the August assembly a bedlam ! They call speaker a eunuch !!

-Dinesh who defied speaker 9 times suspended for 7 days – full report

(Lanka-e-News -09.March.2017, 11.55PM) UPFA  M.P.  Dinesh Gunawardena who behaved most rudely and violently like a rowdy  in parliament despite being a senior member ,   grabbed  the speaker’s microphone by force  utterly disregarding the  speaker and the latter’s  nine requests to  Dinesh to  conduct himself civilly and in a civilized manner , was suspended from parliament on a majority vote on the 8th . He was suspended from parliamentary sittings for  7 days , and was evicted from the parliament well.

This ugly disgraceful incident  was the result of the uncalled for rude and rowdy   conduct of the group of UPFA members over Weerawansa turning ‘independent’ in parliament , and because their  phony drama  that was staged ended as a fiasco.

Weerawansa who is facing grave charges of fraud involving many million rupees of state funds , and is therefore in remand custody currently , in order to disrupt the parliamentary proceedings  requested the speaker to accept his party as independent  , which in fact was a ploy to  grab more time in parliament to make his speech. Grade 9 (dis)qualified Weeerawansa while he  could participate in the party leaders’ meeting as a party leader , began raising questions today  under the standing order 23/2, in breach of his parliamentary privileges several times.

It is to be noted that Weerawansas contested elections under the betel leaf symbol of the UPFA , and not under any other party . Based on parliamentary traditions and rules , the parties that are  elected to parliament on one election symbol are considered as constituents of that  single  party , and the various  constituent parties under one symbol  are not reckoned as separate parties. 

Accordingly , Weerawansa is a UPFA M.P, and its leader is Maithripala Sirisena while the secretary of the party is Mahinda Amaraweera.The latter said , if Weerawansa wishes to be an independent member , he must make a written request to him (Amaraweera) as he is the secretary. Because the UPFA secretary  was vested with the powers to dismiss Weerawansa from his parliamentary post , Weerawansa the moron exerted pressure on the speaker to refrain from such an action being taken. 

If Amaraweera takes that action  , he can inform the elections commissioner that Weerawansa  has decided to resign  the party , and thereafter  expel Weerawansa from his M.P. post , in which case Amaraweera can  nominate  the Colombo district UPFA candidate who has polled the next highest preferential votes at the last elections as the choice in Weerawansa’s place according to law. 

Weerawansa therefore staged only a bogus  ‘independent member drama’  before the speaker .
The speaker delivered his decision on this issue in  parliament .The speaker who went on to explain at length quoted decisions given by speakers in the past  in similar instances.After citing those as examples , speaker Karu Jayasuriya said , if various M.P.s individually on different occasions behave in this manner to sabotage  the parliamentary sessions as a whole that  could give rise to opportunities for them to act in breach of parliamentary privileges . Hence he cannot permit this , he asserted. .However if any M.P. wishes, he could say he is independent and be on  the backbench without enjoying the special privileges, the speaker pinpointed.

In the past , Muslim Congress leader Rauf Hakeem too similarly  jointly with several other parties which were  led by his own party entered parliament . Thereafter when he wanted to accept his party as an independent group , it was not accepted.

During that time Dinesh Gunawardena was the chief whip of the government .Ajith Perera who was a JVP M.P.  became independent and that was accepted by the speaker whoever was at that time. But,  he was not entitled as a Peratugami M.P. to the special privileges attaching to  a parliamentary party leader.

Dinesh Gunawardena and Wimal Weerawansa who did not accept the decision duly delivered by the speaker behaved like hooligans scolding and insulting the speaker .What was most surprising in this play acting was  the attempt made by the UPFA  to defend the M.P. who was trying to become independent leaving  their party.

Usually, it is resentment that is expressed against an M.P. who is leaving the party .
Hence the dastardly aim of the UPFA became clearly manifest  by this conduct . The hidden objective was to obstruct and disrupt the parliamentary proceedings. An M.P. revealed to Lanka e news ,Weerawansa addressed the speaker most insolently and called him a eunuch. 

Though the speaker adjourned parliament for 10 mins. The behavior of Dinesh Gunawardena the M.P. who is suffering from senile decay did not improve. This was natural because he was incorrigible due to his age , and he has outlived his utility on earth now. 

Sergeant at arms summons police to parliament …

After Dinesh was warned  9 times to behave better as a senior M.P. and give  due respect to parliament,   under parliamentary privileges 74/1 , he was suspended from participating  in today’s  sessions  . Dinesh  thereupon defying the restraint  order  continued to remain within parliament forcibly. The UPFA hoodlums  then surrounded him and turned the August assembly into a bedlam .

The speaker’s directive was , if the M.P. does not abide by the speakers initial order , the police would  be summoned by the sergeant at arms as a next step , and the unruly M.P. shall be carried physically and put out of parliament   .It is noteworthy  the well of the parliament  is not considered as parliamentary precincts , but rather the first entrance door of the parliament facing the main Road near Diyawanna lake .

On a previous  occasion , when a police officer appeared to evict an M.P. because the latter’s face got scraped against the number badge on the uniform of the officer, the metallic badges with the number and the buckle were removed from the uniforms of the  police officers summoned , this time.
The UPFA party that opposed this called these police  officers as underworld teams.

No matter what , the police are at a disadvantage in situations like these.  They cannot use force .Even if the M.P.s assault the police , they cannot retaliate.

Nevertheless a true civilized politico will conduct himself /herself most decently while maintaining  his /her dignity and that of the parliament . They   will not conduct themselves  like Choppe , a  Maradana goon .Unfortunately Dinesh and his violent group of notorious UPFA  crooks  that surrounded him behaved worse than Choppe and his clan  of rowdies. 

When a directive  is issued by a speaker under parliamentary privileges 74 /1 , until that M.P. is evicted , based on parliamentary traditions , the speaker who leaves his chair after making the order does not return to the chair until his directive is carried out . Therefore the speaker was not  occupying  the seat.

Finally , when the sergeant at arms informed the speaker he is unable to carry out the task , the leader of the house Lakshman Kiriella , under standing order 72 , a resolution was tabled to suspend hooligan M.P. Dinesh Gunawardena from attending Parliament for 7 days .

By that time  the UPFA group has sent even vehicles to fetch their companions .  But they could get down only 22 of them . 

The voting  to suspend Dinesh for 7 days   ended in the following manner…
85 voted for 
22 voted against 
Absent – 114
03 abstained from voting  

Anura Dissanayake ‘s  moribund  JVP which during the 2015 January elections without fielding its own candidate took the villainous stance that ‘Rajapakses should be defeated , but it does not mean  , the common candidate should be made to win’ , alone abstained from voting in this instance , whereby it  is crystal clear the JVP of Anura Dissanayake is even now playing deceitful and dubious games by saying , they are against the rogues , while at the same time holding hands with the forces that are friends of the ace rogues .The odious  stance taken by the double faced JVP today  (08)  with regard to  Weerawansa ‘s pavement stage show   is therefore not a matter for surprise. 

In the end , Dinesh Gunawardena who has outlived  his  utility on earth long  ago,   had to bite the dust most humiliatingly . He had to leave parliament like a Boralugoda  dog  leaves the pavement after defecating on it.  In any case , many political analysts took offence at the decision taken by the speaker against Dinesh alone without also joining goofy goon Weerawansa with him  and suspending the latter  too for 7 days.
What happened in British parliament on which ours is modeled  -Exemplary behavior worthy of emulation by our unworthy hoodlums turning SL parliament into a bedlam  ….

Before we conclude this article on today’s  ugly disgraceful incident  in which the UPFA hoodlums made the  parliament of SL , a bedlam  , may we  recall an incident that happened  in the British parliament after which our own parliament is modeled.  There,  the opposition leader was making a  speech relating to the budget . It was the deputy speaker (there are three deputy speakers in that parliament)  who was in the speaker’s chair at that time. A powerful M.P. who was close to the speaker yawned and looked sleepy . Whether this was to   insult the speech of the opposition leader or he was actually sleepy is unknown. 

No matter what , the deputy speaker  who was enraged at this attitude of the M.P. severely reprimanded the M.P.  The speaker ordered the M.P. to listen to the important speech of the opposition leader , or  if he is sleepy  to go out , have a cup of coffee rid himself of the sleepiness and come back.  The M.P. felt ashamed and like a mouse remained silent . It is significant to note nobody surrounded the sleepy M.P. of the British parliament  and scream at the deputy speaker who was seated , that he is a eunuch, or challenge the speaker. 

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Hi Mr.Dinesh you have insulted your voters by associating moroons like Vimal
-- by iqbal on 2017-03-10

This pompous ass, Dinesh, is a disgrace to his late father Philip. Go f... yourself without behaving like a thug.
-- by mike on 2017-03-10

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