CB monitoring board gearing itself to facilitate another scam only second to ‘bond scam’ in magnitude !

(Lanka-e-News 02.Feb.2017, 11.45PM) The Central bank of Ceylon monitoring board is getting ready to facilitate a multi billion scam  alias ‘Wegapitiya fraud’ which is only second to the Central bank bond scam in magnitude  , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. 

The special monitoring board is scheduled to hold a meeting on the 3rd , concerning  the business which W.H.K . Wegapitiya the notorious swindler of all times is eyeing – Wegapitiya is  aiming at  taking  over ownership of Rs 15 billion  (Rs. 15,000 million!) worth  ETI (Edirisinghe Trust Investment) conglomerate without his spending a  cent while  taking refuge under announcements and pronouncements made by him  that  ‘it is a task which concerns president Maithripala  Sirisena.'

After Lanka e news always first with the news and best with the views exposed crooked  Wegapitiya’s crooked maneuvers and crafty  machinations  in this connection on 23 rd of February, it is learnt Wegapitiya  who flew into  a rage has run  amok like a serpent soaked in kerosene , repeatedly saying ‘ it is something  with which I have nothing to do ,rather  it is president’s’ 

Of course ETI is not what concerns Wegapitiya . It is the television channel under the ETI conglomerate  he is eyeing  and thereby to achieve his  sole ambition  to take the   place of a businessman who is a  ‘King maker’, sources close to him revealed.  

Currently , there are several television channel magnates who are harboring the notion ,  through their television ‘boxes’ they can be  ‘King makers’.  S Lon sewage pipe  line ‘Raja’ , share market fraudster  , and  brother of the notorious  murderer,  engaged in money laundering (laundering his murderer brother’s heroin transaction  earnings ) are some such  businessmen . Now , Gas Wegapitiya too has been struck by the same evil contagion.

Wegapitiya the racketeer who is ‘selling’ the name and honor of the president while making grandiose preparations to indulge in the fraud that is only second to the Central bank bond scam has a putrid  antecedence  which delved into places him in the worst possible light .Hereunder is another similar example taken from Wegapitiya’s personal historical records..

Wegapitiya’s cursed activities and atrocities after taking over the post of  president of the Sri Lankan young businessmen’s  association as name as Chamber of Young Lankan Entrepreneurs, known by the name “COYLE ” are well known. He  became  its president after sending out his predecessor Daya Gamage citing the grounds that the latter was associated with politics , and COYLE association ought to be non partisan.

It is to be noted ,Daya Gamage was engaged in politics but he did not drag his politics into the COYLE Association. Members of COYLE Association realized this only after Wegapitiya succeeded Gamage and began indulging in all the sordid activities including doing  all the villainous biddings of Gotabaya to drive that  organization to rack and ruin. 

The tremendous prospects the entity  had of becoming a most revered international organization came crashing down after selfish  self seeking unscrupulous scoundrel Wegapitiya became its president.

This foregoing example is  highlighted  to remind the members of the ‘monitoring board’ of Central bank  of the evil  moves and maneuvers of Wegapitiya , and on which side  he was during the presidential elections when Maithripala Sirisena , the presidential candidate was to be sent six feet underground .Hence it is best if Central bank understands the true aim and objective in Wegapitiya’s ’selling story’ designed to   secure his self centered goal,  by judging it vis a vis his past dastardly moves and manipulations  after securing it.
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