Whither laws ? president cannot appoint a Vice Chancellor lawfully ! good governance stranded or strangled ?

(Lanka-e-News -28.Feb.2017, 11.30PM)  It is an unequivocal fact that  scoundrels and rascals of  the last nefarious decade who cannot understand the true meaning or purpose of good governance are   abusing good governance . This was best  illustrated when the villains of the corrupt nefarious decade, and some faceless  fawning judges who were thrusting their tails between their legs during the last regime opposed the appointment of Ramanathan Kannan as the high court judge by the    president lawfully and duly by virtue of the powers vested in him .

Now, there are widespread reports the ex Vice chancellor Sunanda Madduma Bandara , a henchman of Basil Rajapakse (by now  a byword for monumental corruption and was incarcerated several times ) without resigning his post is  protesting against the appointment of Professor D. M. Semasinghe as the Vice chancellor of the Kelaniya University 

Under the University Act, three names shall be forwarded to the president by the University administrative board , and the president is fully empowered to  select the most suitable candidate for the post of Vice Chancellor. It is stipulated  that the  candidate to be selected must have highest educational attainments ,and  advanced academic research skills.

Sunanda Madduma Bandara on the contrary had only one qualification favoring  his appointment  as Vice Chancellor during the notorious nefarious decade.  That only weird and vicious    qualification was , he is a most bootlicking stooge of most infamous Basil Rajapakse. He did not possess a doctorate (Ph.D.) or even  an M. Phil. qualification .  He only had  B.A. and M.A. degrees. Hence ,having  a Vice chancellor who has  no Ph.D. is something the whole University sphere should frown upon and  feel ashamed of .

One of the many crooked and sordid activities of unscrupulous stooges  like Sunanda engaged in during the notorious nefarious decade on behalf of the Rajapkses was , producing  falsified records and statistics to justify the rigged and  computer manipulated fraudulent election results when Rajapakses held elections and  referendums.

Semasinghe the Dean of the Commerce and management faculty who  possessed a B. Com. , M.Com., and Ph.D. qualification  was therefore  rightly selected by the president as the Vice chancellor of Kelaniya University. He secured his  Ph. D. from Queensland University , Australia . Besides he has written many  research messages to magazines , and submitted about 17 research papers at various international conferences .

In the circumstances , Sunanda the so called intellectual gathering together  some  idlers and vagabonds of his  around him and trying to  devil dance while refusing to step down is most repugnant and abhorrent. The worst part ? Sunanda is being supported by underworld criminals. Are  students behaving like criminals a matter for surprise when a University Vice Chancellor conducts himself  in this hooligan manner? 
This is clearly a methodology that is being adopted by Rajapakse lackeys  and henchmen not only to hold the good governance government to ransom but also to strangulate  it.
Hence, it will be in his own best interest if Sunanda understands the circumstances in right perspective,  his own handicaps and peacefully steps down as an intellectual  decently and silently retaining at least that bit of honor remaining in him before the public are provoked to the point of revolt.

Meanwhile ten non partisan University Dons are to hold a media briefing on the 1 st of March and explain the situation  to the public. 

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