First place to Buddhism ; Separatism banned; Rural government concept ; and Senate are cornerstones of new constitution –P.M.

(Lanka-e-News -28.Feb.2017, 11.30PM) Under  the new constitution , speaking of separatism is banned ; while giving due place to other religions , Buddhism will be given prime place  ;  in addition to the parliament , a secondary council similar to the Senate will be established constituted of 10 parliamentary members and five members from each provincial council ;  like how the approval of the parliament is necessary  in regard to  decisions on the constitution and PCs , the approval of the secondary council shall also be obtained; discussions shall be held pertaining to  the governor being made answerable  to the chief minister ; the main lands and reservoir  commission shall be empowered to acquire any land or reservoir; the concurrent list ought  not be cancelled;  and a rural  government system shall be created,   prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe explained when elaborating and amplifying  on the framework of the new constitution.

The P.M. made the above revelations when he inaugurated a two story building and a Bhikkhu center at Sri Nagarukkarama Purana Vihara , Kotikawatte . The P.M. went on to further comment as follows :

When the devolution of power is being implemented  , these can be carried out clearly. When powers are being devolved to the parliament and provincial councils , there must exist a methodology .Every subject that has a bearing on the sovereignty shall come  within the purview of  the central government and parliament.

All the parliamentarians are of the view that the governor shall function subject to   the chief minister’s advice, and that  he should not function separately . 

Whether the statutes of the PCs are lawful shall be decided  by the courts. The powers of provincial state service,  Provincial Council Police powers , and whether they should be appointed by independent constitutional committee  , and about    State lands etc. are to  be discussed.  The government must be able to acquire state lands at any moment.

Some say the concurrent list shall not  be cancelled . My view too is it  should  not be. There are possibilities to vest certain PCs with some of the powers of the concurrent list.

Next is the secondary Council.  The ex president is describing this as a Senate . We can select members through the PCs. Five members of each provincial council shall be selected for this Senate. Except ministers , president ,Vice president and opposition leader , all others can be selected for this. 
Similarly , 10 members of parliament shall be selected. The powers proposed at the moment are,  the laws concerning  the PCs shall be passed by both legislative assemblies. The ratification of both the constitutional amendment committees shall be obtained. The secondary council can present all  else to the parliament for its review. 

Whether it is the Central government , the PCs, or the local bodies, they must fall in line with  the  rural government concept . If we act counter to this concept , there is a likelihood of our losing elections the next time, the P.M. exhorted.

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