The ‘superior quality’ doctor of Padeniyas- Soysas kills the first baby of wife of an army soldier !

(Lanka-e-News -23.Feb.2017, 11.45PM)  While the Padeniyas-Soysas doctor mafia are showing loud spurious concern for the medical standards and the rights of  patients , while  making a big din staging public demonstrations ,one of the doctors of  their own so called  ‘high standard’,   demonstrated how inferior their true standards are , when he killed a healthy infant within the womb of a mother who is a wife of an army soldier. 

This doctor killer of the Padeniya –Soysa mafia which is obsessed with so called  ‘superior standards’  is attached to Mawanella base hospital .
25 years old Demodara Wijesinghalage Vasantha  the unlucky  husband of the mother who suffered this fate at the  hands of the  so called  ‘superior quality’ doctor killer is  attached to the infantry division  of the army Trincomalee camp.  

When there were signs that wife of Vasantha was  going to have her first baby  , the doctors after examination have given the delivery date as 9 th February 2017. 

Vasantha’s wife was under the supervision of a doctor who is engaged in  private  channeling practice in Mawanella town  . Unfortunately , this happened to be  a doctor who also served at the base hospital of Mawanella , and therefore of the so called ‘ superior quality’  mafia.
On the 9th Vasantha after  taking leave has gone home and taken his wife to  consult their doctor at the channeling hospital. The doctor has instructed them to get her admitted to Mawanella base hospital.  Accordingly the patient was admitted on the 10 th   morning .

That evening the patient has developed labor pains . On the 11 th and 12 th the pain has intensified , but no doctor had taken any interest to  perform surgery , or to deliver the baby.
When the army officer had inquired about their  private doctor who is also attached to the base hospital , the staff had  informed  , he is on leave  for three days -10, 11 and 12.

After the staff of the hospital had contacted the relevant doctor on the 12 th and informed him of the emergency. This irresponsible doctor of the so called superior quality ( Padeniya – Soysa mafia organization) , has told the hospital staff , since there is no way to perform surgery and deliver the baby  there , to transfer the critical mother to the Kegalle general hospital. The doctors who were patiently waiting for the instructions at the base hospital have transferred the patient to Kegalle hospital. The doctors at Kegalle hospital have however  broken the sad news to the soldier that the infant in the womb of his wife had died before delivery. 

Following the advice given by the doctors that , as the baby is now dead and  surgical intervention will  serve no purpose , to  permit the baby to be expelled normally. Accordingly , the grieving mother delivered  a still born baby  on the 13 th. 
The post mortem in this regard was conducted on the 20 th by specialist judicial medical officer, Ramesh Agaliyawanna  of Kegalle general hospital .It was pronounced death was due to fecal matter and urine collecting within the womb,  and failure of placental feeding,   by the inquirer into sudden deaths, Renuka S. Kaluarachi  of the Kegalle general hospital . This was a consequence of the  infant being  not taken out from the womb before these complications supervened.

So this is just one super tragic story that came to light of the superior standard  doctors of so called ‘superior quality’ mafia doctors of Padeniyas and Soysas. But, how  many such neglected cases go unrevealed is unknown.
The grieving father of the child  speaking to the media said , such a tragedy should not strike anybody else . He bemoaned , his  first baby died  due to the negligence of the doctors at Mawanella base hospital , and he is begging them not to be cruel to  others  in the same way.

While this is the treatment meted out to patients  by the ‘superior quality’  doctors of Padeniyas-_Soysas GMOA mafia, the irony of ironies is the same killer mafia is  staging strikes from district to district purportedly  for and on behalf of ‘rights of patients’

The masses must decide whether the  killer mafia  of Padeniyas-Soysas- Heraths should be allowed to continue with their atrocious operations wearing the hypocritical livery instead of the cloak of genuine doctors ? Or  should they be taught an unforgettable lesson of their life time?  SL losing   two or three doctors  of the same ilk of Padeniyas , Soysas and Heraths , will only be a boon to the patients , medical profession and the country at large ,and not a bane !

(Thanks to Amunupola Chaminda  Jayalath of Mawbima)

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