Service of Navy Commander Raveendra who attacked journalists like a wild Ape extended !

-Secret request of Navy criminals granted by president

(Lanka-e-News 22.Feb.2017, 11.55PM) The services of Navy Commander Vice Admiral Raveendra Wijegunaratne (which was to  terminate on the 22nd)  who became most notorious following his conduct imitating an Ape of the wilds when he  ruthlessly engaged in unlawful assaults on media personnel , but still free enjoying impunity, was extended for a further period of six months by president Maithripala Sirisena  , the commanding  chief of the forces  yesterday . 

Former Navy Commander Vasantha Karannagoda  of the Rajapakse era , Navy media spokesman during that period  Captain D.K.P. Dassanayake ,and a civilian had met the president secretly on the 21 st at about 11.00 a.m. to request him to extend the service of Raveendra Wijegunaratne .

The reason adduced by them in support of their secret request was , since they are implicated in the multiple ghastly  murders including the ten innocent students who were abducted and killed after collecting extortions , and charges have been mounted against them , the only way they can escape from those incriminations is by having Raveen as Navy Commander in the  service . It is to be noted both Karannagoda and Dassanayake are to be arrested in connection with  the crimes they committed earlier on. 

The president who acknowledged  what they said , granted the request of the accused , by extending the period of service of Wijegunaratne by six months. 

It is well to recall , the president issued an order earlier to the investigators not  to arrest the group of Navy officers over their  barbaric murders of the innocent school children . However when Lanka e news and Ravaya exposed this unlawful and inhuman move  , the president retracted his earlier instruction , and gave the order to arrest the Navy culprits. Now again after the secret meeting with the criminals ,the president has acted in a condescending manner  and complied  with the requests of the culprits. 

Earlier too ,  the president conducting himself in this same manner gave an extension in service to the present Army Commander who moved heaven and earth to rescue the criminals in the army. Thereafter he reinstated in service the army suspects responsible for  the disappearance of  Prageeth Ekneliyagoda  while the case was being heard.
Gagan Bulathsinghala the most corrupt and notorious Air Force Commander on the other hand was not given an extension but was appointed as  a foreign Envoy .

Based on reports reaching Lanka e news , FCID has received a spate of complaints regarding the numerous crimes of corruption committed by bankrupt politico Dilan Perera during the Rajapakse nefarious decade .But on the intervention and instruction of the president all these investigations have been halted (await a comprehensive report in this connection ) .

All these crimes were committed during the corrupt brutal reign of Mahinda Rajapakse . That was the period in which monumental corruption and criminal activities of the government and its politicos was raging, and the order of the day.
Those who toiled hard day and night to propel Mathripala Sirisena to the post of president though he is  by now best noted for his  double speak  and ‘double acting’ ,  had an interesting comment  to make to Lanka e news….
‘I am now harboring ever growing  doubts   ,whether it is a duplicate   Maithri ( deceitful) who on the elections day (8 th January 2015) was roaming with Mahinda Rajapakse , is   now seated on the presidential throne. ‘

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Sirisena,do not pretend that you are honest,we know you are currupt and secretly ageereing with MR you are bloddy currupt Sirisena Resign Now,you are not worth your salt,disgraceful,throw your national costume to the dusbin disgraceful sirisena
-- by sarath on 2017-02-23

These buggers should be in jail, and MS will loose the next election the stupid way he is acting
-- by Max on 2017-02-24

Civilians were not armed but the Navy. The top gorilla was not armed but naval ratings were carrying weapons, so he got the protection. Testing his thuggery on unarmed helpless civilians is unpardonable; this buffoon should be behind bars now. Attacking any journalist/cameraman covering the new as it happens is street justice with censorship and blatant violation of the freedom of press, freedom of expression, and human rights for due process. Yahapappa is nothing but another corrupt politician who is now investing in the next regime. Yahapappa has turned a blind eye on MR who was well known for his dictator like atrocities. When the "other part", we don't know which yet, gets into power, Yahapappa can draw attention to his "magnanimous" nature towards his enemies and supporters of enemy, to beg for mercy. That is a good plan for Yahapappa. Sri lanka needs a "Sri lankan Spring" to wipe out the rats off the earth; just like that happened in some countries in the Middle East. That will never happen. Already Buddhist are fighting with other religions. Muslims are siding with global Jihadists. Hindus are siding with the Indian government and secretly wishing another uprising similar to Tigers. Christians are all කුමේ බෙබේ (Portuguese: "comer e beber") party animals. They go to foreign countries, make money, build large homes in Sri lanka, eat and drink like pigs to forget the democratic process.
-- by Kavata Andare on 2017-02-25

President trying to protect the criminals should be reported to the UN, He is showing a totally false picture to the UN. In fact all these unlawful acts of the President should be informed to the UN and make them to impose a sanction on Sri Lanka. Its then that our corrupt politicians including the President will learn a lesson.
-- by Godfrey Peter on 2017-03-09

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