May Maithri-Soysa-Padeniya troika attain Nibbana..!

(Lanka-e-News -21.Feb.2017, 11.45PM)  Padeniyas and Soysas of the GMOA  while engaging in private medical channeling  practice for their selfish  gains are demanding that  the private medical education Institution shall be closed down .They are also staging lightning strikes ( today the 21st too they struck work )  ostensibly on behalf of the rights of the patients but truly to put the lives of patients in jeopardy, and  to achieve their selfish agendas.  The GMOA of theirs  struck work in the South today too (21) ,consequent upon which the already suffering patients in hospitals were driven  into dire straits. 

Interestingly it is the same villainous group of the GMOA that  conducted a pirith ceremony on the 18 th night , as though they had realized the urgency  to earn merits via this ceremony to wipe out the monumental sins they have committed  and are committing .  Guilt always preys upon the minds of sinners . It is little wonder therefore we see discarded  and deposed corrupt and crooked politicos  too thronging  the Temples nowadays . It is also no wonder it is the consensus among true religious followers that politicos who were discarded by the people have made temples their refuge now.

Sinister schemers like Padeniyas and Soysas too toeing the line of political turncoats and cut-throats  is  unsurprising  . But when   president Maithripala Sirisena visited the venue of the heartless villains  as a main  participant  to listen to  the chanting as though he was there with them at the invitation of Satan, is of course not unsurprising .

No matter what , we cannot blink the fact that Maithripala Sirisena became the common presidential candidate and was elected as president owing  to  the monumental  efforts and sacrifices of  late Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera  , yet surprisingly  it   is this same Maithripala Sirisena after becoming the president  who appointed Dilan Perera the bankrupt politico  as media spokesman  and  minister via  the national list despite the fact it was this same Dilan Perera  who tried to administer poison to the same Late most Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera  who made a huge contribution even risking his life towards  Maithripala’s victory .

In any case  a   president who is ungrateful joining in as a listener of the pirith chanting ceremony of confirmed villains and  killers of  patients,   like Padeniyas and Soysas who even opposed the free  ambulance service provided for the benefit of the patients  is not a matter for surprise  vis a vis his traits, latent and manifest.
Gross  ingratitude though is not  respected can be expected only of an individual who is faceless , policy less and ruthless. He befriends those who are enemies of the UNP , the party that   engineered his victory and put him on the pedestal of  president . 

It is very unfortunate Maithripala Sirisena who is the architect of his own misfortunes is busy these days making political calculations  searching for answers  to build a base in the SLFP through the Rajapakse formula as SLFP leader  after aligning with them ( only to court disaster finally).  The photograph herein of the troika  Maithri , Soysa and Padeniya bears witness.
Sadly ,  owing to these  political machinations and (mis)calculations it is only  the telltale signs  of  faceless , policy-less nature and ingratitude of Maithripala which are becoming increasingly manifest to the masses .But what is most worrisome is by the time he realizes his mistake , he may be not six feet but six furlongs underground.
An opportunist noticing   hopper boutiques for a ‘hopper clout’  not only where he ate , but everywhere is nothing  uncommon.

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We have to bear with this "hopper" mentality, as a part of our traditional politics, in the name of progress.
-- by punchinilame on 2017-02-22

There is huge followers and supporters who even choose death at the event if MR will have to face serious issue behalf of his past deeds. But there will not be a single person with strong backbone to support or muster support from masses on behalf if M3 will have to face same type of issues after falling from power. Latter is sure to happen as everything that goes up one day will have to come down.This is a universal truth. But if M3 do not betray people who put him in to power, then they will ensure that natural phase of coming down from power will happen with a lot of grace. So it is up to M3 to decide which path that he chooses.
-- by Piyal on 2017-02-23

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