Haloluwa incident is most portentous and a dangerous conspiracy -CCTV camera photos confirm

(Lanka-e-News -21.Feb.2017, 11.45PM) Lanka e news  reported that a  group wearing uniforms and resembling police officers arrived in a Truck lorry ( earlier it was  reported the  vehicle was a Dimo Batta Van .It  is  hereby amended) on the 18 th  at the ancestral  house of Thusitha Haloluwa , chairman Fertilizer corporation  cum  co ordinating secretary to the foreign minister , and inquired threateningly ,  ‘who is Haloluwa ‘ and frightened the householders including the aged mother while also inquiring from the neighborhood ‘who is this Hololuwa?’  Lanka e news always first with the news and best with the views is now in possession of the photos captured  by the CCTV camera pertaining to these conspiratorial and deadly  activities which is full of dangerous portents  for the whole country. 

According to those photographs , two individuals wearing uniforms similar to those of the police had arrived at the residence of Haloluwa.  The police number 58913 of one individual is visible but that of the other individual is not clear.

During the period when there exists no emergency regulations , if a police team is to conduct a search of a house or is looking for an individual , there are  laws to be abided by …. 

* Prior to arrival for the search the police of the area of search shall be informed .
* They must prove their identity to the householders.
* The householders should be informed  who they are looking for , and why. ( The second and third reasons must be notified  in writing)
* If it is a house search , there must be a court order giving permission.

The group that arrived at Haloluwa’s house had not followed this legal procedure . Then , are these individuals true police officers or Hora police ? This is a most portentous sign , according to Haloluwa. The latter who had lodged a complaint was told even  on the 20th by  the Mirihana police which has jurisdiction over  this crime, that  such a police team had not informed the Mirihana police of their arrival  for an investigation  .

Lorenz mafia followed by White Van culture and now....

The law abiding citizens are most anguished and apprehensive  based on  their past terrorizing experiences .The formation of a mafia group  comprising security division stooges for the first time dates back to the era of late president Premadasa.  Under the latter during his reign , with his knowledge and consent a low rung police officer by the name of Lorenz operated a secret unit .

The other name of Lorenz by which he  was known was ‘ Lorenz mafia’. This secret  unit was housed on  the fourth floor of the housing ministry .Until today there is no report relating to the  mafia operations that were carried out there  . That Lorenz Mafia unit was dismantled without leaving room for any investigation into it by president Wijetunge who succeeded Premadasa after his death.  What happened to Lorenz who was an SSP then is not known to anybody.

Chandrika who came to power after promising to apprehend  the culprits and skin them alive at Galle Face green before the public , also did not conduct an investigation. Even after Lionel Weerasinghe alias ‘Tarzan’  the assassin of her husband who gave a statement which ran into 500 pages escaped from police custody , no action was taken to conduct an investigation against the officers who  aided and abetted in the escape .

Thereafter  ,Rajapakses who seized power started multiplying the ‘mafia’  pets  unendingly.

The white van ‘culture’ ( criminal operations) was begun by them  . 

The present government which said , investigations into those crimes will be instituted is presently releasing on bail the suspects taken into custody  over the brutal  killing of Prageeth Ekneliyagoda . On top of that these suspects who are of the forces were  even reinstated illegally. 
Based on the above grounds, the Haloluwa incident and similar complaints received by Lanka e news long before portend grave danger  . Because , today is not the same as yesterday , and there are deadly signs of dangerous conspiracies in the offing , Lanka e news deems it necessary to publish the second report  in this connection . 

 It is the inescapable responsibility of the individuals who are custodians of the law to conduct investigations duly in order that the misgivings and doubts now preying on the minds of the law abiding masses shall be dispelled. In addition , it should be ensured  the sovereignty of the rule of  law is  reinforced.

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