IUSF ‘s face of terror unmasked ! 8 Peradeniya students abducted and tortured for not participating in anti SAITM protests ! -15 terrorizing students remanded

(Lanka-e-News -21.Feb.2017, 9.15AM) 15 raggers  of the  Inter University students federation (IUSF) were arrested by the Peradeniya police when they conducted a raid on a house. This group had held  8 freshers of the Peradeniya university captive for a whole night in a rented house after abducting the victims from  the Peradeniya University premises  , and while they were being tortured by the raggers , the police had been able to arrest the suspects ,who were remanded  until the 2 nd of March after being produced before Kandy additional magistrate Rangani Gamage .

Because these  8 freshers had not participated in the protests staged against SAITM , they were subjected to this  torment and torture  by the raggers.

The victims of the torture are students of Peradeniya University agriculture faculty , and the raggers are supposed to be second year students , but according to the police there could be outsiders too  in that terror group. Hence a certificate has been requested from the University  to confirm that the suspects are University students in fact. 

The least number of students who attended the anti SAITM protest is of the agriculture faculty , and are first year students. 

Following a complaint made by the University administrator in charge of discipline to the police that the students  have been abducted , the Peradeniya police  conducted the raid on the house  at about 2.00 in the early hours of the morning yesterday. Even at that time the 8 victims were being tormented by the senior students of the IUSF .

This house situated at Hindagala Megoda, Kalugama , Peradeniya where this torture was being inflicted had been taken on rent for two months only. If a University student is to take a house for his lodging , that house should have been taken on rent for at least a period of one year .Therefore ,in this case this house has not been taken for that purpose , and it has been  exclusively used for the illegal ragging and torturing activities of the IUSF mafia , according to the Police.

The victims of ragging had been ruthlessly assaulted so much so that they  had to be  hospitalized. Two of the students are still in hospital taking treatment. 

Attempts are being made to camouflage  these  terror activities   , and describe those as  part of  ‘ragging’ of freshers , though  it is very evident it is not , and are actions  aimed at  taking revenge on the victims  because two months have already elapsed since the University opened . The  police sources also revealed ,the victims who suffered at the hands of the seniors are scared to  disclose  the truth  to the police . 

On the same day  , two girl students had been made to kneel down and forced  to march on their knees , as a result of which their knees have sustained injuries .The students or their parents have not lodged a complaint with the police out of fear.

Meanwhile , Lanka e news reported a day ago that the   students too while learning in the University are also  being taught how to make a fast buck via  venal and sordid activities at this young age itself , by payments being made to each student who gets remanded at the rate of Rs. 100,000.00 to Rs. 200,000.000 . In addition , the convener of the IUSF is paid Rs. 1 million each time he gets himself remanded. 

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All higher education institutes should charge money. When parents spend hard earned money children will not waste and at least respect them when they are old Free education is waste of tax payers money
-- by Wije on 2017-02-21

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