P.M. gives answers to conspiracy to topple govt. : Who is spending for protesting students? If our youths unite against it what will be the result?

(Lanka-e-News -20.Feb.2017, 8.00PM) The unreasonable odious protests based on unreasonable demands that are being staged even without abiding by  the court verdict , while also joining hands with the defeated and discarded crooks and criminals are a clear conspiracy to defeat the government . Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe who was silent hitherto  in this regard , yesterday (19) responded most effectively  thus  …..

 ‘It is not these sporadic protests by a few  that matter , what would be the result if all our youths unite and create a more powerful and potent force against these villainous  protestors ? The outcome needs no  elaboration , the P.M. added. We are always  ready to provide jobs, create avenues of income , and usher in a bright future . But if there are  any  groups that  are scuttling our plans , we are also having answers to give for that ,’ the  P.M. said when addressing a massive gathering during a meeting with the public in Hammathagama

The protests that are being staged under the pretext of SAITM is clearly a conspiracy vis a vis  these recent incidents…

It is a crucial  question , who is spending  for the  University students who  haven’t  the wherewithal and are ‘living on’ (because no fees is charged for education)  People’s Mahapola scholarship aid    ? Who provided the funds for these impecunious  University students for three days to come to Colombo by vehicles is a crucial issue.

These students  cannot afford to travel by bicycle let alone , motorcycle, three wheeler , Van or Truck.  Even paying the bus  ticket fare is a burden for them .Hence , it is baffling how these students who are impecunious , suddenly travelled  in motor cycles, Three wheelers , Vans and trucks , and how they got them . Perhaps  these were obtained on daily rental.
For instance , to hire a three wheeler based on present market rates  in order to cover  such a long distance  , a sum of around Rs. 6000.00 per day has to be spent inclusive of meals and fuel. If 50 three wheelers  were used for travelling  , the total amount that has to be spent on the three wheelers would be around Rs. 300,000.00. Mind you that is only for one route. If it is for three days and  five routes are involved , the amount necessary to meet those travelling   expenses is Rs. 4.5 million.  The students who are surviving on the Mahapola scholarship cannot afford to meet  that expense.

The evil forces that are hoping against hope to topple the government;  looking for escape routes from punishment in jail; and  to continue  their old illicit businesses with impunity , are seeking to use the young students as pawns in their treacherous and criminal games. Need we furnish  more evidence than these to demonstrate that monies are being spent in the evil  direction and lawlessly. 

The other example that  illustrates  the evil manipulations behind the student demonstrations against the emergence of private Universities in SL relates to  a self serving selfish  agency. This evil  force which   dispatches students abroad has also made the student protestors  on the streets their pawns .

 According to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division , a sum of Rs. 100,000.00 to Rs. 200,000.00 is paid to a student who is taken into custody  by the police or gets remanded ( to female students a bigger amount is paid) .The  convener of the IUSF is paid Rs. 1 million each time he gets remanded. Whether the student gets the full amount to his hand or some intermediary too plucks a tidy sum from that is not sure. In any event these monies have been collected citing the ground  these monies are for legal expenses. 

The majority are not with these protests: A majority of University students , doctors and  masses  did not participate.  

The Prime Minister’s announcements made on the 19th are most pertinent and paramount in the present backdrop , and at a time when the people  defeated and despised forces are day dreaming of seizing power by cashing in on  the student demands . 

The Prime Minister made the above comments on the 19 th when inaugurating the water supply project  under the Netherlands aid . This project will provide water to 200,000 people of Hemmaththagama 

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