The prevailing mind-set of certain groups against private education seems to be irrational. The UMTA does not oppose the private institutions -University of Moratuwa Teachers' Association (UMTA)

(Lanka-e-News -15.Feb.2017, 01.45PM) Awarding of degrees by private higher education institutions with the patronage of the Government is currently a subject undergoing intense discussion among the members of the society, especially with the recent public outcry pertaining to the Private Medical College and other private higher education  institutions. While acknowledging that the prevailing situation is politically motivated, the University of Moratuwa Teachers' Association (UMTA) hereby would like to inform the public about its stance on private higher education in Sri Lanka.

The existing setup in the education system does not permit all the students that qualify for university entrance at the G.C.E. (Advanced Level) examination to enter state-funded universities. Hence, the students who fail to enter state-funded universities tend to seek higher education opportunities in fee-levying foreign universities or local private institutions that award degree-level qualifications to realise their dreams. This has become inevitable given the fact that the opportunities at the state-funded universities are limited.

Providing ample higher education opportunities to those who qualify for university entrance and ensuring adequate government funding for the state-funded universities to deliver quality programmes is vital for effective capacity building of the young inquiring minds. Thus, the UMTA would like to urge the government to take every possible step to safeguard the state-funded educational institutions. 

The UMTA believes that paid or unpaid, education in a hassle-free environment is a basic human right, and the prevailing mind-set of certain groups of people against private education seems to be irrational. The UMTA therefore does not oppose the establishment and existence of private institutions that award degrees. However, ensuring the quality of the student intake and degree programmes in such entities is identified as quintessential in order to maintain the high standard of higher education in Sri Lanka. A quality input with a quality programme and evaluation scheme, would categorically result in a quality graduate who could effectively contribute towards the development of the country. Thus, the UMTA is of the view that stringent standards in offering admission to private higher education institutions, especially for degree awarding bodies, need to be enforced. Furthermore, standardisation of degree programmes offered by the private higher education institutions, through a regulatory body, is identified as an absolute necessity.

The UMTA strongly believes that the provision of education should not be profit-oriented. Further, students and parents should not be deceived by private higher education institutions in the interest of making a profit and  UMTA opposes the undue recognition given to private higher education institutions by the government and other political authorities. 

Dr. R U Halwatura
President / UMTA                                                                                                                      
Dr. T S S Jayawardane
Secretary/ UMTA

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Agree - The motto of the country should be "education for all"
-- by Luc on 2017-02-16

UMTA, you are a great asset to higher education. All the students and parents are grateful to you on your unbiased statement!!!!!
-- by suri on 2017-02-16

they need to do private lecturers there
-- by sameera on 2017-02-17

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