Padeniyas - Soysas and their terror outfit deflated : Withdraw their anti SAITM slogan.! GMOA’s unpublicized proposals to president hereunder

(Lanka-e-News-14.Feb.2017, 11.30PM) Following the unerring and most just Appeal court verdict that the graduates passing out from SAITM shall be registered by the medical council , coupled with  the mounting opposition  across the country on behalf of ‘ education freedom ’ against the self centered extremists and villainous Padeniyas and Soysas the kidney trade specialists  representing the  GMOA ,by now  it is a well and widely known fact that the latter were only  raising a false  alarm . The selfish self centered villains raised a bogus hue and cry that SAITM medical College is a rogue medical stall issuing bogus medical degrees , and therefore shall be closed down and acquired by the government . 

These despicable villains who are now subdued,  after poking their  tails between their legs like beaten stray dogs on the pavements ,have  realized their egregious wrongs and unreasonable demands - they have  now presented a set of proposals to the president . 

The proposals presented to the president by Padeniyas and Soysas the self centered  villains have not been made public . Anyway , Lanka e news is able to publish the gist of the proposals which are as follows :

GMOA proposals to resolve the SAITM issue ….

1.Solution to the students who have already acquired the medical degree..

a. Provide opportunities to sit the ERPM exam after the necessary amendments to the medical enactment  
b. Like the foreign medical graduates are enrolled , provide opportunities to the students who are successful in the ERPM exam to enter the medical service , and they be given  internship  training for two years in four subjects , each covering a period of six months. (If there is any clinical practice training inadequacies , opportunities shall  be made available to remedy those ).
c) As regards students who fail to pass the ERPM exam within the specified period , the Institution shall re pay the fees collected from those students as  compensation .

 2. Solution to the students who are following the course at SAITM….

A committee shall be appointed comprising the minister of health , the Dean of the medical faculty and representatives of SAITM to take action based on the committee report of professor Sheriff and the answers provided by SAITM. Based on those  recommendations , steps shall be taken to formulate a clinical  training course for the students. A reasonable time shall be granted to SAITM to augment  their facilities. 

3.The future of Dr. Neville Fernando hospital

The hospital shall be one which is promoted with the patronage of both  government and private sectors. The government shall own 49 % of the shares while the present owners shall own 51 % of the shares 

4. Enrollment of new students 

A specific number of students shall be admitted to SAITM  once a year only, and they should have minimum ‘Z’ score in Biology stream. That minimum score shall be that accepted by the government medical College for admission to medical faculties for the relevant year applicable to all districts .
 b.The number of students admitted to government Universities  based on their skills shall be increased by 10 % 

5. The future of medical Colleges 

a.The government shall intervene immediately to remedy the shortcomings in government medical faculties. 
b. The SAITM administration shall introduce a salary structure for its dons , and  those shall  not exceed the salaries of the Dons of government medical Colleges. 

If one reads the terms and conditions of Padeniyas and Soysas , one can clearly understand what a group of buffoons and buffaloes they are . This is very evident based on their following proposals :
1. 49 % shares of Neville Fernando hospital shall be owned by the government, putting aside SAITM.
2.The salary structure  of the Dons of SAITM medical College shall be such  that it  does  not exceed the salaries of the Dons of government medical Colleges.

In much the same way as  a stupid irrelevant demand is  made  that  a hospital run out of private funds shall be acquired by the government , these buffoons and buffaloes who waste their time on buffoonery and tomfoolery despite  being doctors have included a demand in the proposal that the government should  restrict the salaries paid by a private institution to its  staff which is absolutely nonsensical . This clearly betrays the green eyed monstrous  trait in them and their inferiority complex, let alone their lack of basic  knowledge. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Jayantha Bandara of Samastha Lanka medical  officers union  affiliated to the JVP which is a rival of the GMOA terror organization had made a most cranky  revelation through the communiqué issued by  him. He had said , the appeal court verdict is a conspiracy , and that he is lodging a complaint with the human rights commission against it yesterday (13) .
It is a pity this country has also   doctors of the caliber of  Dr. Jayantha Bandara . He is cursed because he hasn’t a tail when in fact  it should be the other way around,   because if he had a tail he could be swinging with glee  from tree to tree in the jungles  without creating problems to the sane beings in the cities. This is a doctor who does not know that the Human rights commission is there to examine the complaints received by it and to file action in courts, and not vice versa. Therefore the decision of the appeal court cannot be examined by the HRC. In the circumstances ,how can doctors like Dr. Bandara be trusted  when it comes to treating patients since  he does not know even  what a primary class student knows? Only god must save the patients. 

It is no wonder  doctors like Bandara , Padeniyas and Soysas are behaving so insanely and insensibly, and the worst  part ? These are the ‘headless’ rascals who are supposed to be  heading the campaigns  ostensibly to rescue   medical education . 

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