Yet another judge exposed as womanizer by LeN sent home by JSC..! More bouquets for JSC..!

(Lanka-e-News -12.Feb.2017, 7.30PM) Another news report published by Lanka e news under the caption  ‘ Yet another garbage judge to make judiciary stink ! Bandarawela womanizer requests WP officers !’ on 30 th January  has reaped rich dividends for the benefit of the judiciary and the nation ! Bandarawela chief magistrate Vishwantha Fernando has been interdicted with immediate effect  on the orders of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

Lanka  e news earlier on reported that judge Vishwantha Fernando is a sexually frustrated womanizer supported with reasons. He is a judge who  asked for women police officers for his security , and was one who held the hands of his typist and forced her to yield to his sexual desires. Complaints were   received by the JSC pertaining to these incidents , and following investigations  the JSC issued an order interdicting Vishwantha the shameless sex maniac   with immediate effect from 8 th February .

It is significant to note Vishwantha Fernando is the second judge who had been sent home  within two weeks . Prior to this , judge Asanka Dissanayake was sacked from the judicial post  on charges of his involvement  in politics openly ,and for submitting fake documents .

The JSC that packed and sent home Vishwantha Fernando has appointed in his place Ruwan Gunasekera as Bandarawela chief magistrate .

It is in the midst of these daring exposures of Lanka e news via 14 reports frankly , fearlessly and forthrightly in the best interests of the judiciary and the nation as a whole  about unscrupulous, corrupt  and sex starved judges disgracing the bench  , that a most crooked , corrupt and notorious black coat turncoat Hemantha Warnakulasuriya filed action in courts against such revelations  based on contempt of court charges , according to  media reports. 

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‘Yet another garbage judge to make judiciary stink ! Bandarawela womanizer requests WP officers !

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These type of judges have the requisite qualifications to be castrated. I am not certain whether this imbecile went to the same "low college" like Mongol Namal Rajapassa - our synthetic lawyer!!
-- by mike on 2017-02-12

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