Pasgoda district secretary commits arson..! A minister is aiding and abetting : Whither laws ?

(Lanka-e-News -06.Feb.2017, 11.30PM)  It is with deep regret we report  another incident in which  a private booth  was set on fire ruthlessly and lawlessly by the Pasgoda district secretary. This arson was shockingly committed in broad daylight and right at  the center  of the Town disregarding laws of the country and trespassing on the  rights of a law abiding  citizen.

We wish to  ask from those individuals who are taking to the streets against Ranjan , what have they to tell against this demented demon of a district secretary who is conducting herself with maniacal  pomposity and  pride abusing her official position  in excess of her powers  described in detail  hereunder ?

An owner of a land situated near the roundabout of Oorabokke  town coming within the purview of Pasgoda district secretariat was acquired by the government about a year ago without any compensation being paid. The name of that land owner  is Miyuranga Edirisinghe. The latter decided to open a  stall  on the 22n d, after investing Rs. 40,000.00 in  goods  for the shop. On the 18th however he received a sudden telephone call summoning him to the stall he was proposing to open. 

It was this female devil incarnate, the Pasgoda district secretary Koshalya Kumari  who  made her appearance  at the venue along  with a group of  Urabokke police officers including  S.I. Premasiri .This district secretary had ordered Miyuranga to immediately remove the stall .Miyuranga has however explained that since no compensation has been paid so far , and he  has no income , to please allow him to run the stall to earn his livelihood. 

This district secretary who is apparently suffering from acute  dementia based on her overweening arrogance has snarled at Miyuranga , and addressed him in most disdainful language ‘ I wont tell you (umba) again. Hence, immediately remove that stall’.
 No sooner she said that using contemptible language   in keeping with her low breed , than an individual carrying a can of petrol emerged from the Cab vehicle while the  district secretary was still seething with fury and screaming like a demon let loose. Even  disregarding the police around , she had issued an illegal warning   ‘I shall set fire to this place if you (umba) do not remove this booth by 7.00 tonight  ‘.
After her violent conduct ,she has left along with her group in typical gangster style. In fact by standers who witnessed her rowdy behavior had wondered whether the district secretary was trying to imitate the gang leaders of the old wild West .

On the 19 th at about 11.00 a.m . the district secretary alias the devil  incarnate has come again with  SI Premasiri , and set fire to the shop after pouring petrol right before the eyes of a large crowd in broad daylight .

This being  a most high handed and unlawful action, and specially because a responsible  district secretary was involved  , it is  a most pertinent question , who vested this demon by birth with such illegal powers ?
 How come she is still free enjoying complete  impunity  even after committing such a  crime ?  Why is the Matara district secretary dumbfounded and paralyzed despite a complaint lodged with him ? Why did the Matara SSP ‘s office refuse to accept Miyuranga’s complaint ? 

Unbelievably , the complaint  was accepted only after the intervention of the ASP. The latter  has asked for an explanation right in front of  the complainant via phone from SI Premasiri who accompanied Koshalya  when she went  on the rampage in a fit of devilish rage with the illegal determination to destroy the stall .
Premasiri’s explanation was , he accompanied Koshalya  to provide security to her. He also  confirmed it is true  arson was committed right before him  and he was an eye witness to that crime.  

It is significant to note that the minister himself  in charge of the police is from Matara .This outrageous crime was committed in Matara , and there  are eye witnesses to this episode –the  high handed action of Koshalya who took  the law into her hands with complete impunity.

The victim on the other hand  is desperate and helpless despite the fact he is innocent while  the criminal who was responsible for the  arson is free . Mind you , being a district secretary it is her paramount duty to set an example to others via her  lawful conduct. The Minister too is duty bound to prove his mettle  because he has now found  the best opportunity to demonstrate he is a man (at least among women)  and  dispel the popular view among men that he is  effeminate,   by taking appropriate action , for this female devil incarnate  has committed the offence in his own native town  - Matara . 

The criminal cannot therefore be allowed to enjoy impunity no matter the rank or position , or  be permitted  to go scot free  for  this can  inspire others too to take the law into their hands . In that event even  if the minister takes the  matter seriously to hand at that belated stage , it will serve no purpose and only prove the  efforts   are impotent.  Therefore it is now or never he must act, and act fast . He must clearly demonstrate he is a man  ,and the district secretary  is a woman because the general public are harboring doubts in this regard following this episode.
It is the consensus among the residents of the area ,  a political bigwig of the district , minister Lakshman Yapa is aiding and abetting this devil incarnate  in her villainy and wrongdoings ( as always is the case – in every crime in Sri Lanka  a political scoundrel  is behind generally)   .  Mind you this moronic demon was transferred out following   public protests , but because of the  support and protection provided by  this minister  for inscrutable reasons she is staying put. Intriguingly the entire media too is silent on this .  

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