Expose` : Good governance commander in chief completes two years but MR ‘s control still within army !

(Lanka-e-News -05.Feb.2017, 4.40PM)  It is an unequivocal  fact that the  good governance president the commanding chief of the forces was elected on the 8 th of January 2015 with the full and fervent  hope that a good governance administration would be installed sans vindictiveness , corruption, nepotism , cronyism and atrocities which raged under the Mahinda Rajapakse reign.

Unfortunately however , under the incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena’s rule , still it is the administration of the people discarded and despised Rajapakse’s that is riding high  within the army  with or without the knowledge of Maithripala. 

Following examples bear testimony…..

Army Officers for foreign courses are  selected by the army commander and the board of selection for  the courses. The majority of members of this board is constituted of army officers who are  lickspittles of Rajapakses and on the verge of retirement. These members therefore select their cronies and stooges of the Rajapakses .

The eligibility requirements of an officer to follow the National defense course (NDC) are as follows:

1.The candidate should have served as a brigadier for two years
2.The Potential G.O.C. Board shall have selected him.
3.He must have  displayed talents in the sphere –in the battle field etc. 

In addition , if there are 4 vacancies , three of those shall be filled each from the infantry and supporting regiments; Engineering ;  and signals regiment .However, during the years 2015 and 2016 , officers who were henchmen and lackeys  had been chosen for the NDC based on the whims and fancies of the army commander and the   members of the board of selection who are stooges   sans proper fair or legal procedures.   

How were these undernoted officers without the basic qualifications selected for  the special course must be explained by those responsible. Were these selections made according to good governance or Rajapakse governance  ? Answers to these must be provided to the army  by the Commander in chief of the forces  Maithripala Sirisena   and the army commander  .

1. Brigadier Jagath Gunawardena (Engineering) 
He had not fulfilled any of the eligibility requirements. He was an officer who was removed from all his posts because he was mentally unfit  due to his incapacity to endure the pressures of his work during the war .

2. Brigadier Neville Weerasinghe (Engineering)
He did not  have any of the aforementioned requisite qualifications, and never held a commander post during the war. 

3. Brigadier P.K.Peiris (Engineering) 
An officer who had none of the required qualifications

4. J.J. Nanayakkara (Engineering) 
An officer who was qualified , but four officers of the engineering regiment  cannot be selected at the same time based on the rules. 
5. A.R. Dharmasiri (Singha)     
An officer who secured  the necessary qualifications after the war . However being a Rajapakse stooge  when he was discharging duties in Trincomalee , joining hands with Major general Lal Perera ,and  along with a woman by the name Ari akka engaged in politics publicly to defeat Maithripala Sirisena
6. N. Hettiarachi  (Signal)
An officer who performed only administrative tasks and hadn’t the necessary qualifications . However he was chosen for the HDMC ( Higher defense management course) course because he was  a close friend of the army commander and an old boy of Royal College – the alma mater of  the army commander . 

7. B.D.N. Demavanpitiya (Signal)
Held staff posts serving in  peaceful areas during the war .He was serving in an advisory capacity only , and secured  the necessary qualifications after the war ended.
8. H.P. Seneviratne (Signal) 
Held staff posts during the war. Secured  the necessary qualifications after the war.
9. P.Chandrasekera (Signal)
He held staff posts during the war. Secured  the necessary qualifications after the war .

10. P. S. Bansajaya (Gemunu)
He was serving in the diplomatic service in China and returned six months ahead without completing  his  two  year term. He was  sent again to China to follow a course.  He is a bootlicking lackey of Gotabaya .

11. Brigadier K.J .Jayaweera (infantry) 
He was a media spokesman of the forces, and a noted stooge of ex army commander Daya Ratnayake . While there were more qualified  and suitable officers than he , yet the latter was chosen and sent to England to follow the RCDS course . 

12. Brigadier H.R. Fernando ( Gajaba) 
He secured the necessary qualifications after the war.

13. Brigadier Mudalige ( infantry) 
Secured  the necessary qualifications after the war. While he was performing duties as an  intern under the government of Haiti, he collected funds from the soldiers and committed a fraud . A bootlicking stooge of ex army commander Daya Ratnayake. 

14.Brigadier Jayashantha Gamage (Gajaba) 
Yet another  bootlicking lickspittle of Gatabaya Rajapakse. He was sent to Philippines for the National defense course (NDL) 

15. Brigadier K.H.P. Fernando (Signal) 
An officer who served as a faithful stooge of ex major general Shavendra Silva. He was sent to Indonesia to follow the NDL course.

16. Brigadier Shantha Hewavitharane (Artillery) 
He was sent to India to follow the National defense course  on the pressures exerted by Major General Sumith Balasuriya despite there being more senior officers .

17. Brigadier J.C. Gamage (Engineering) 
An officer who secured the qualifications after the war. He was selected   to follow the National defense course (NDC ) in England.

The copious  information afore-stated have clearly and cogently brought to light that the good governance government has provided positions , privileges, perks as well as  foreign travel to follow courses only  to the officers who were serving the sordid aims and agendas of the Rajapakse reign. The officers who did not kowtow to and who did not do the sordid biddings of the Rajapakses , but had all the eligibility requirements and duly discharged their duties were not done justice to  by the good governance government . 

The commander in chief of the forces president Maithripala Sirisena who inspected the guard of honor of the army independence day must therefore  take a crucial decision on this momentous day of  independence vis a vis the glaring fact that a majority of superior officers of the army  openly and outrageously engaged in politics against  good governance and in favor of Rajapakses. 

Whereas it were the honest lower rung officers in the army who toiled to propel Maithripala Sirisena to the post of president even defying orders of the superior officers. Sadly however , today it is not the lower  rung honest officers who are being pleased and reciprocated   by the president and treated well , instead it is the  Rajapakse stooges and corrupt  officers who are   overestimated   by the president as ‘war heroes’ . In the circumstances we are constrained to wonder whether we moved heaven and earth to appoint  an apparition of Rajapakses. In any event  honest law abiding army officers are still earnestly awaiting the day justice will be done  

-Soldadu Unnehe - (Soldier of the Army) 

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