GMOA Padeniyas opposing SAITM court order, hold patients to ransom and strike allowing them to die..! (Video)

Rajitha’s statement (Audio)

(Lanka-e-News -04.Feb.2017, 7.30PM) Doctors are there to save patients , and if they are  civilized professionals they would never ever shirk that duty under any circumstances. Specially government doctors in Sri Lanka are bound by this duty because their medical education expenses are met out of public funds.

Unfortunately  however , these government doctors turned into murderers yesterday  ignoring even their  sacred professional oath of Hippocrates and their inescapable duties towards the patients by staging  an Island-wide  lightning strike thereby putting  the precious lives of patients in hospitals in jeopardy. To achieve their bestial and barbaric agendas ,they ruthlessly held the patients to ransom.
The fascist GMOA (Government medical officers association ) struck work 2nd night which went on until 12.00 noon 3rd against the  decision delivered by the appeal court  pertaining to the SAITM Medical College .Though the strike was to end at noon it went on until later  in some hospitals..  These doctors despite their education and inescapable professional  responsibilities conducted themselves worse than villains and murderers in a manner most uncaring for the lives of the patients , when they had the option to legally file an appeal maintaining  their professional dignity,   in the Supreme Court challenging the appeal court verdict. 

Though the GMOA was not a party to the case in the court verdict , and while  engaging  in the most deplorable and reprehensible strike  against the court verdict , the bogus reason cited by them for this villainous strike was , the arrest of medical students of the Inter University students federation by the police during their protests staged in Colombo. It is to be noted the court had issued an order ahead that yesterday’s protests shall be staged  peacefully and without hindering the public .

Yet the protestors overturned the police barriers and turned violent. Consequently the students had to be dispersed by using tear gas and water cannons, and a  group of students who behaved violently had to be arrested.
The most ludicrous side of the strike staged by  the jokers Padeniyas and Soysas is their claim that , the quality of the medical students who pass out from SAITM Medical College is inferior , and therefore patients could die. In order to halt that, what these hooligan clowns , the so called superior quality doctors are doing is much  worse – they are striking work and killing the patients without treating them ! These clowns  only are in fact killer doctors . A genuine doctor who respects life of patients and the professional  oath he has taken only can show true concern in the national interest , but these are actually killers but  masquerading as doctors putting the lives of patients in peril at the first opportunity they get .  How can they be therefore truly  concerned and decide on the  quality of the doctors, and the patients whose lives that  would  be endangered? 

These spurious doctors like Padeniyas and Soysas with selfish self fattening  personal agendas masquerading as national interests are only  seeking to make the SAITM issue their weapon to topple the government , minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne exposed. 

Statement of Dr. Rajitha can be heard by clicking here .

The government of good governance has become a thorn in the side of Padeniyas and Soysas obviously because, they cannot indulge in  the perfidies and villainies under this government , which  they can freely under the chieftain of the crooked den (Rajapakse alias Alibaba ,and countless thieves)

Hereunder is the video footage depicting the desperate patients at Matara hospital being turned back sans medical treatment and medicines.  Reported by Indunil Kelum Jayaweera 

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The public must now insist that medical students at all our Medical Colleges and Universities MUST be charged the FULL COST of their medical courses. We have suffered long enough - too long in fact - at the hands of these anti-social anti-human gorillas. We should get organized to take other retaliatory action too. Just as much as we cannot survive without medical attention, they too cannot survive without a job. They can get a suitable job only in the medical field. Therefore, their options too are limited.
-- by W.A. Indrapathy on 2017-02-04

My dear Farook the court ruled it is legal but it ddnt say it is of good standard. judiciary does not have the knowhow to assses the quality of medical education. the SLMC gave there recommendation on the degree but health minister did not act on it. he has the ultimate say unfortunately. he neglected his duty to the health of the people of this country.reasons are obvious to any right thinking unbiased mind. you are telling doctors having personal and political agendas. are you blind or do you not want to see the obvious. A countries right to maintain quality health care has been betrayed by a few who wants there children to be so called doctors. these people can and will seek medical care abroad at your and my expense whilesubjecting the majority of poor people to suffer at unqualified half bread "doctors". health care is the only thing that we have to be proud of and count on in this country. evry thing else is falling apart. economy is down development is non existant and corruption has hit a record high. now we are loosing the health as well. and you mr Farook is telling us about national interest!! My foot -- by sumedha on 2017-02-03 This is not a problem faced by only Dr Padeniya or the GMOA. Hundreds of governmental and non governmental groups including professionals. trade unions and the general public have realised that licensing unqualified doctors to practice in Sri Lanka is a crime. The fight is against recognition of an unaccredited medical school with sub-standard facilities which does not provide adequate clinical or community based training for financial and political gain. Do not be a party to this crime. If you have no conflicts of interest, and do not understand the gravity of the situation, keep your mouth shut. -- by citizen 1 on 2017-02-04 I think that KDA Medical degrees also should be banned since most of the graduates have failed to undergo a reasonable entry process. I know that some of the graduates who entered KDA have very low level of equivalent HSC marks obtained by some overseas countries like Australia. They would have never entered an Australian University with that marks. Also some of the graduates who entered KDA may be not Srlankan citizens. It is UNFAIR. It better to cancel the Medical Degrees from KDA also, not only SAITM.
-- by saimail on 2017-02-07

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