SAITM medical graduates shall be registered – Appeal court delivers landmark verdict !

(Lanka-e-News -01.Feb.2017, 11.30PM) The blind slavish followers of the JVP , Peratugami and barbaric brutes bearing the name of  Padeniyas  who from birth until death have accepted all other private enterprises but not the private medical education , and who are dancing the devil against it , and wreaking havoc on country’s  progressive development  were given a thundering slap in the face by a  judgment delivered today  by the appeal court of Sri Lanka (SL) which opened the eyes of all , and specially terminating  the hypocrisy and self seeking deceitful motives of Padeniyas,  and those idiots who are  cast in the same mould of mentally moth eaten   Padeniyas. 

The appeal court delivered an order yesterday (31)  that the students who successfully completed their education at Malabe private medical College (SAITM) shall be registered as professionals of the SL medical association 

Malshani Sooraweeraarachi  and Dilum Sooriyaarachi , were two students who completed their  education at  SAITM and left the Institution  who filed the case  citing a   group including the Medical Association ,  the higher education minister , and  the secretary to the highest education ministry as respondents in this appeal. The judges Vijitha Malalgoda ,and S. Thurairaja who heard the case delivered the above  judgment. 
Meanwhile the blind slavish idling  followers of ‘Peratugami’ of the Moratuwa University who know nothing else except  staging demonstrations , started a protest today against SAITM , and went in a procession obstructing vehicular traffic. However , these foolish protestors only demonstrated through their stupid protest  they haven’ t  even that little grey matter despite their education to understand , that  they are protesting against a private medical College when in their own midst there are other private engineering Institutions also  granting degrees .  Therefore these students without protesting against those Institutions , and instead agitating against SAITM and  demanding its closure  is most ridiculous, and deserving of only  a hearty laugh.
A reader who is apparently much wiser and intelligent than all these protesting imbeciles out there had a remarkable pithy comment to make after reading this news report ..,. ‘Sri Lanka needs educated people not protestors’
The appeal court decision contained in a 42 page document which caused  the stupid and senseless protestors to tumble down and bite the dust can be downloaded by clicking on the line below…

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It is a typical SL mentality to protest over progressive steps and one keeping with todays international trend; as the JVP with its "frog in the well" attitude just go against State Policy. The GMOA looks at it with an altrustic agenda
-- by punchinilame on 2017-02-02

The medical students should appreciate the fact that they have received scholarships to the tune of millions from the Government using tax payers money. They should not try to curtail the education of others. Furthermore not everyone who excelled in A/Ls are in the Universities due to district basis. There are many out there with 3 As. How much money is going out of the country due to this issue. In fact Sri Lanka should try to attract foreign students, as our services are low in price. Let us concentrate on good universities and better medical facilities, we market ourselves on them!
-- by Rodrigo on 2017-02-03

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