IGP blocks the opportunity of three police officers to enroll to LLB degree in KDU

(Lanka-e-News - 31.Jan.2017, 5.40PM)  The Kotalawala Defence University conducts the LLB degree program where tri forces officers, Police and also private candidates are enroll for this course annually. The Police Department also provided with a separate quota for this LLB program where applications are called from qualified Police officers and subsequent to an interview, the selected officers are released full time for a period of 4 years to follow this course under the patronage of the Police Department. 

This year too, three police officers including a women sub inspector have been selected to follow this course.  Unfortunately after being informed by a top DIG who is the in charge of an investigation bureau; the IGP has decided to not to release these officers to the program since selected officers are very talented in their respective field. 

However, this is a clear human right violation as these officers are deprived with their right to follow this degree. These officers are subjected to a bond as they have to serve for the department for a period of 15 years as legal officers after degree completion and already other selected officers are following this course under department funds. This is an ideal scenario to depict the hypocritical nature of the superior officers of the department as most of the officers who have been directly recruited as ASP's don’t have a concern about the other inferior officers. Because of this action there is a situation where the Kothalawala defence university may not provide the allocation for Police in due course.

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