Peradeniya University students assault Ambulance driver and attendant - victims hospitalized !

(Lanka-e-News -29.Jan.2017, 8.30PM) The driver and attendant  of the University ambulance were attacked by the   students of Peradeniya University . When University  students of the highest seat of learning are expected to behave in  a most civilized manner and set an example in good behavior, in Sri Lanka on the other hand  they have behaved worse than the  barbaric animals of the Amazon forest . The ambulance staff who are committed to serve the sick and patients in an emergency falling victims to hooliganism of University students is not only most shocking but stigmatic  to the detriment of the University specially ,and the country as a whole .

A  student had taken ill and his colleagues   have summoned the University ambulance to Arunachalam  hostel to dispatch the sick student to Hospital. When the driver had gone with the ambulance along with the attendant to the hostel , the sick student had been taken to the hospital via other means by that time. Therefore the ambulance has moved  towards  the medical center. A little while later , two individuals  who arrived on a motor cycle had alleged the ambulance  was late , abused and attacked the driver and the attendant , with the result even the medical center glass panes were damaged causing loss. The driver who is of the non academic staff of the University following the assault was admitted to the Peradeniya teaching hospital.

The non academic staff numbering about 2000 boycotted duties  and staged a strike this forenoon in protest against obstructing two members of the non academic staff in the course of their duty .

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