4% of school children above 13 are V.D. infected ! No proper sex education is the cause- Academic service Association

(Lanka-e-news -26.Jan.2017, 10.40AM) Venereal diseases are fast spreading currently among children  (male and female) attending schools , the Education Academic Service Association has revealed. 

Based on the survey  conducted by the Association,  4 % of the children above the age of 13 years have fallen into this category , the secretary of the Association, Ajith K. Thilakaratne  disclosed in a communiqué issued by the Association. 
The backwardness  shown when youths (male and female)  of the new generation are taught sex education  in the classes in schools , has led to many children seeking  to learn through friends of their age by experimenting , the association points out. 

The communiqué states , these children have got accustomed  to watching offensive and obscene programs via the internet , and that  there are also reports  of venereal diseases infected  children from the  villages and the outskirts of the cities ( Sri Lanka is leading over  the past several years when it relates to  browsing of obscene websites).

In the circumstances , the sex education that is included in the syllabus shall be compulsorily taught , and teachers without shying away from it must come forward , the secretary to the Association insisted. Since  Genital warts , Herpes , Gonorrhea and the like have been detected among school children on many occasions , the education ministry should focus serious attention on this , the Education Academic Service Association pinpointed.

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