Appointment of presidential commission to probe bond scam appreciated by both parties

Neethiyawala Thera filed case to postpone the debate ?

(Lanka-e-News -24.Jan.2017, 3.45PM) The president has decided to appoint a presidential commission to take legal measures in regard to the efforts made by the prime Minister to save his friend Arjun Mahendran  who did not spend even a cent towards the victory of the government of good governance ,which efforts are  compromising the interests of  the party and the government . The president has decided to take this action to cleanse and  wash away the mud that has been slung at the government on this account.  

A Supreme court judge, a High court judge and an Audit specialist are to be appointed to this Commission , and the report of the Commission is to be completed within three months , based on the instructions given by the president, according to media reports.
While this bond issue debate was to be taken up today in parliament , the president has signed the gazette notification in this connection yesterday .Meanwhile based on the COPE report  revelations ,Ven. Neethiyawala Palitha Thera has filed a case in court  last Friday .

Palitha Thera a powerful supporter of the UNP filing the case  pending the parliamentary debate is seen by many as a ploy to suspend the debate in parliament , because it then becomes sub judice .

At the same time , the groups that are not  comprised of   crooks and the corrupt within both the UNP and the SLFP , and all the leaders of the civil organizations who were responsible for the  victory of the present government have unreservedly expressed their pleasure at  the president’s move to appoint a commission. It is their considered opinion that if the government of good governance is to go ahead , this dirt and dross tarnishing its image shall be wiped out .Otherwise , the opponents and adversaries will make this weapon to sling mud at the government unendingly without ending it through legal redress , they pointed out.
Yet they are assailed by doubts : like the Commission appointed to investigate grave frauds and corruption by the president earlier which had not been able to conclude a single investigation successfully since its creation two years ago ,  whether this presidential commission will also falter, flutter  and flop  like the previous one. 

The groups which are harboring doubts are also of the view, Maithipala Sirisena dispatching  a group of chief ministers of the provincial councils to meet deposed  ex president Mahinda Rajapakse (presently discarded by the people and proved beyond doubt as a byword for corruption and deceits) the day before the appointment of the commission  , was  to prove through the appointment of this presidential commission that the UNP is corrupt , and create an image  ‘I am clean’ , with a view to curry favor with the Rajapakses again , and on a  plan to contest the next elections jointly with them. 

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