24 th January is day of reckoning for good governance govt. Get ready to open its eyes !

(Lanka-e-News -21.Jan.2017, 11.30PM) The good governance government which is crowing from rooftops about  media freedom , even after two years have lapsed since its advent , has not been able appoint a duly empowered President’s commission requested by the working journalist association to investigate among other things the killing of journalists , attacks on journalists, threats to journalists  and  setting fire to media Institutions  which were committed during the nefarious decade of the murderous Rajapakses. 

When the government was elected , written undertakings were asked in this connection from the president and the prime minister to which there were  no response.  Owing to this indifference  , a petition supported with  signatures of the  public was organized  on 2016-01-26 in front of the Railway station , Fort. This signature campaign petition  was again forwarded to the president for his attention and action .

Though so far there has been no response from the president in spite of his  much hyped media freedom  , his blabbering and bluffing publicly about  stifling  and throttling  the news websites  is of course going on unhindered.
The  lukewarm attitude and indifference shown towards this urgent request , has  prompted  the association of working journalists (SLWJA) to organize a campaign of  sending  post cards  to the president on 24 th of January . 

The association has therefore urged all to come to the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo 07 on 24 th January at 11.00 a.m. to participate in this campaign and place their signatures  on the post cards expressing their support to the media freedom and protection of  journalists .

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