A historic betrayal..! Vice Chancellor a MR’s henchman to sell Moratuwa University intellectual property rights on the sly..!

(Lanka-e-News -19.Jan.2017, 1.15AM) Professor Ananda Kithsiri Wijenayake Jayawardena was appointed as the Vice Chancellor of the Moratuwa University  by presently deposed and discarded ex president Mahinda Rajapakse who is now a byword for corruption and criminalities , during the cruel, despotic and  corrupt Rajapakse regime. 

In keeping with the overriding corrupt traits which characterize  all those of the Rajapakse clan and his cronies , Ananda Kithsiiri too  on the sly  is seeking underhand modes to sell the intellectual property rights belonging to the academics of the College to a private Co. 

It is with deep sorrow and profound concern Lanka e news reports this most shameful and shocking news of corruption involving a professor of the highest seat of learning .

The Vice Chancellor alias vice ‘committer’ is surreptitiously trying to make a sale of the intellectual property rights to a  private Co. ‘CODEGEN’. In view of this sale  , this private Co. is in the readiness to pay a colossal amount of money and grant a  number of perks and privileges to the Vice Chancellor and his close sidekicks. 

Unfortunately for this Vice committing Vice Chancellor , though he is determined to sign this agreement with the Co. stealthily , the chairman of the  advisory committee of the Moratuwa university concerning  intellectual property has fiercely  opposed this . As a  result the Vice chancellor alias ‘Vice Committer’ is unable to go ahead with his calculated and  crooked plan. 

The crafty and corrupt Vice chancellor  with a view to holding  discussions had summoned the Academics Board suddenly without giving adequate notice  violating the administrative regulations .Only a few academics attended this meeting ,and sadly , a majority of them were henchmen of the Vice committing Vice Chancellor.  

The president of the Moratuwa University academics association following this controversial and sinister  move of the Vice chancellor  sent an e mail message highlighting the irregularities  to the Vice chancellor .In that it was  noted that the Vice chancellor has neglected his duty to give adequate time to the Academics Board to enlighten itself  in connection with the agreement that is going to be signed with the private Co. In other words  the Academics Board  was  deprived of its opportunity  to do a research and gives its counter suggestions .

The disillusioned Academics board  is of the view ,    owing to the corrupt and fraudulent efforts of the Vice Chancellor , there has arisen a division  among the Board  members. The Board  has therefore  lambasted the Vice chancellor over his selfish unscrupulous moves  to acquire self centered  personal gains. This  (mis)conduct will also   poorly reflect on the Moratuwa University in the local and international spheres ,they have pointed out.

The president of the academics board while  insisting that  the intellectual property laws pertaining to the Universities should be extensively amended , pinpointed , right now adverse pressures are being exerted against the innovative measures which are  being initiated at the Moratuwa University towards a new culture relating to the  technological and engineering spheres. 

It is the view of the academics possessed of  expertise who are showing concern in the best interests of the University  and the country  that if this agreement is signed  for any  reason , the intellectual property rights belonging to the academics and the students will completely be transferred to the private Co. and that would be irreversible .

When  the president of the Intellectual property advisory Committee (IPAC) refusing to sign the agreement  , it  was  presented before the University Grants Commission (UGC) . It is the hope of the  Moratuwa University  academics and students that the UGC will probe into this dispassionately and impartially. In addition , it is their fervent hope that the president , the Prime Minister and the minister of higher education will seriously focus their careful attention on  this fraudulent attempts and dastardly action. 

The Vice Chancellor alias Vice ‘committer’ Ananda Kithsiri , (who  only has a civil engineering qualification ) despite his so called education,  instead of making an honest and worthwhile contribution to the esteemed Institution he is serving  or his motherland , and  acting this way to achieve  selfish and sordid gains  is most reprehensible and  most disgraceful  from all angles. It is  the Rajapakses who are as shameless as he when it comes to  earning filthy lucre , who appointed Ananda Kithsiri as a Vice Chancellor  of a  highly esteemed Moratuwa University. At any rate ,  we are ashamed to reveal , in his whole life Kithsiri  has only written one book, and that was for his University degree. 

Neither has he done any worthy research nor  won any international acclaim.  Cast in the same mould as the Rajapakses,  his mouth is so wide only the mouth of a  spittoon can beat that orifice in size.

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