Protests that hinder the public to end : Two venues to be allocated ; helicopters to police and excise fines up –P.M.

(Lanka-e-News -17.Jan.2017, 10.40AM) In order that the public are not hindered when protests are staged in Colombo , the prime minister (P.M.) has decided to provide two specific venues to stage demonstrations,  through a  gazette notification . In addition , the police shall be  given helicopters, as well as training in cyber crimes along with the assistance of the Universities .The excise fines  shall  also be raised , the P.M. pointed out.

These decisions were arrived at following discussions held between the P.M. and the high rung police officers at the Temple Trees on the 13 th (morning) .

The police activities in the future should transform  to be public oriented , while the police shall also become familiar  with the latest technologies, the P.M. observed. 

The P.M. also pinpointed that the Sri Lanka Police should focus on three aspects: those are , the structure of the Police , the methods adopted in the training of police officers and the bilingual ability . If these three aspects can be duly paid attention to , that will pave the way  for the Police to go far and successfully , he added. 

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