Venal Visakha Principal who collected massive bribes performs Thovil dance in school to avert the recoil !

(Lanka-e-News -13.Jan.2017, 11.45PM)  While schools in other countries in the world  are moving ahead from non scientific to scientific systems , it is a pity we have to reveal an unbearable and sorrowful  report of  a most savage and barbaric attempt made in a school in our own country where retrograde steps are being taken to move from scientific to non scientific system to the detriment of the school and children whose minds are thereby being warped, based on reports reaching Lanka e news . 

Unbelievably the name of this school is Visakha Vidyalaya located  right in the middle of Colombo  whose     prinicipal is Sandamalie Aviruppola , the notorious ‘Colonel’ ( during the most corrupt and villainous Rajapkase regime, principals were given ‘Colonel’ titles) 

She has made arrangements to conduct a Thovil dance  in the school tomorrow (14) !  Of course , this is no issue if such a dance is being conducted to impart the ancient cultural practices to the school children, but  this is not the aim of this ‘Thovil principal’ .  On the contrary this Thovil is being conducted flagrantly violating the rules and regulations of the education ministry  , and to instill  wrong savage beliefs  in  children who are blind followers.

Based on the uncivilized blind belief ,through these Thovil dances  and such barbaric activities , the stupid principal is trying to create  the blind notion that peace can be established. Not only the modern world which has advanced  through science , even Lord Buddha 2500 years ago resented and opposed such blind superstitions . This is something which insults  true Buddhists and are frowned upon by them . By the way Visakha is considered as a Buddhist Balika school .
This prinicipal is  so demented that for three days prior to this Thovil dance the students were ordered not to bring their morning and noon meals from their homes . They were also told not to bring meals with fish , meat or eggs into the school because of her prospective Thovil dance. In order to ensure this a group was deployed to do a thorough checking.  What’s more ? she had instructed the children not to eat fish ,meat or eggs  in their homes too. The school canteen was  also totally barred from selling any meals with eggs , fish or meat for three days in view of this Aviruppola Thovil chanting , dancing and prancing ! The whole school was turned full vegetarian for three days because of Aviruppola and her Thovil dance. 

Now let us reveal the true succulent story behind  the mundane  Thovil story of Sandamali Aviruppola , (the ‘ Colonel’ of the Rajapakses who are by now a byword for corruption and crimes)  the great vegetarian.

Obviously, Sandamali is seeking to perform this barbaric  Thovila and achieve so called ‘shanthi karma’(peace)  not for the benefit of the school or its children, rather it is based on her own superstition that the unpardonable sins she committed on account of the massive bribes she collected during the New year admissions when the school re opened ,would recoil on her. Therefore she  invented this idea to protect herself by this Thovila , knowing fully well such individuals like her  who resorted to sordid activities have even been struck by lightning.

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Bribe taking is better known among people as "Muck eating" (Jarawa). I think one should not be too harsh on her because Colombo Municipality is overburdened with the muck that get collected on Colombo streets. She might have decided to give a helping hand by eating the muck as much as possible. She might have organised this "Thovil" for achieving twin objectives. To give the children and their parents a taste of "Jarawa" and motivate them and also to distribute any sin that may have been brought upon her by "muck eating". So be easy on her.
-- by Perumal on 2017-01-14

The devil incarnate herself invoking the school gods.What is this Prinicpal afraid of or the karma she is guilty of commiting until proven innocent?
-- by Sashi Mahawansa on 2017-01-16

Unfortunately, some of the Vishaka college teachers (in older days, specially from Panadura, Maharagama area) have sent all of their children to this school (what justice was that, just because mother teaches in that school). So, this school does not have a good report on admissions anyway.
-- by Milinda on 2017-01-17

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