New laws to be introduced governing use of drones on British model- police media spokesman

(Lanka-e-News -11.Jan.2017, 5.55PM) New laws are to be introduced by Sri Lanka jointly with Britain governing  flights of drones and their landing, based on reports.

Britain considered as an epitome of Democracy recently introduced a law that before a drone takes off permission shall be obtained. This is following a trifling incident involving a minor injury to the face of a small child when a drone was landing. Prior to this ,drones were a pest to Britain because those were used by drug dealers to supply  drugs into prisons.
The new police media spokesman DIG Priyantha Jayakody revealed that new laws are to be introduced pertaining to drones installed with cameras. Priyantha Jayakody who took office as the new police media spokesman yesterday , was holding the post earlier too.  

Addressing the maiden media  briefing today following his appointment made this announcement about drones based on an incident that happened at Hambantota recently.

During the recent violent  protests staged in Hambantota , the drone camera belonging to a TV channel owned by drug dealers was impounded by officers of the security division.  Later it was returned. However , the chip was not handed over at that moment.

The Police media spokesman expressing his views on this incident said, the TV channel involved  had not obtained the permission to send the drone into the air , and as there were a number  of VIPs on the scene , the drone was taken into custody on security grounds. The drone was later released after the situation calmed down . Hence , new laws must be introduced in relation to drones , he pointed out. 

Only a media convener who is under the pay of a chief of the drug dealing TV channel, and collecting huge sums of money citing her sickness made statements to the media on this drone episode highlighting it as an erosion of  media freedom. 

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Nothing is done correctly or systematically in this country until disaster strikes. Where are the brains of all our so called politicians and policy makers.
-- by Sambo on 2017-01-13

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