World’s greatest liar award winner’s record breaking lies ! (Video)

(Lanka-e-News -09.Jan.2017, 11.30PM)  A most stupid story of the century was related by no less a person  than the notorious and mendacious ex president Mahinda Rajapakse , M.P. Kurunegala on the 7 th at Kandy.

This fairy tale is aimed at stoking ruthless turbulence and reckless setting fire to  the entire country and against   the determined efforts made by the present  government to re build the country via the proposed Hambantota Port .

Deposed ,  discarded and desperate  ex president Mahinda who is by now a byword for corruption and murders said , the heat generated by the residual oil released  at  the proposed Hambantota Industrial zone is going to be so intense that even the residents of Nuwara eliya will not be able to bear. The heat will be so extreme that even people residing in Nuwar eliya  will not be able  to live there. Moreover , the ashes produced because of the hot steel in the foundries of the Industrial zone , residents of Bandarawela and Nuwara eliya too will not be able survive, Mahinda further observed. 

It is a pity Mahinda Rajapakse who is obviously suffering from senile decay ,  in spite of all his efforts to conceal his deplorable  state , in order to pretend that he is a naki manamalaya is unfortunately unable to hide his demented  condition  stemming from  his senile decay.
It is an indisputable truth that even though there has been  an oil refinery at Sapugaskanda for many decades it has not posed any  dangers  as are portrayed by Mahinda . Besides, no one in the vicinity had been affected. Even at Oruwala steel Industry where steel is being   melted for decades , no one in the vicinity had been affected by the ashes , not a bit.

Of course we have come across liars and have  heard their lies, but never  stupid lies of such two legged buffaloes in our whole lives !
Vide video footage 

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Dear Citizens, Please do not retaliate for his statements. He is getting aged and bound to make these unfounded statements.
-- by Dayaa on 2017-01-11

He is talking under the heat of investigations and court cases against his kith and kin and cohorts. So it may be so hot.
-- by Perumal on 2017-01-13

Medamulana Meeharaka has mental aberration. He needs to be sent to a lunatic asylum!
-- by mike on 2017-01-13

The late President, his late Excellency Rajapakse sounds like Sri Lanka is nearing an apoclypse. The only place, hamudurweni, that was hotter than the proposed Hambantota industrial hell hole was the time when Mr Rajapakse was reigning Sri Lanka from his rickety throne because he made Sri Lanka hotter than hell especially for his political opponents and in general for democratic forces. Go to hell Mr Rajapakse with your gal-pelena facts and mind your Kurunegala instead. You are a spent force.The sooner you realize this, the sounder you will be able sleep instead of trying to wake up dissenting dogs to fulfill your self-serving going-nowhere political agenda.
-- by N. Balendra on 2017-01-16

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