Minister Harrison is hitting below the belt of Sri Lankans on their staple diet -rice :Dudley Sirisena exposes (Video and Audio)

(Lanka-e-News -30.Dec.2016, 7.30PM)  The scarcity of rice and the price of rice shooting up these days is solely and wholly  because of the stupidity  and incapability of minister of rural economy, P.Harrison. This was revealed by  Sri Lanka ‘s  most leading rice businessman Dudley Sirisena the brother of country’s president .He made this most shocking and vital   revelation when he addressed a media briefing at JAIC  Hilton hotel on the 27 th 

There are 200 million kilos of paddy already in the possession of the paddy marketing Board , yet those have not been distributed duly or  on time to the market  .While there is a  ban  imposed by the cabinet that those who are not paddy mill owners cannot distribute paddy  , minister Harrison  and the paddy marketing board chairman are distributing paddy in hundreds of thousands of kilos among the intermediaries and brokers defying the ban . The latter after collecting the paddy at Rs. 43.65 per kilo from the government are selling them to the Mill owners at Rs. 50.00 per kilo  and pocketing the illicit profits , Dudley Sirisena disclosed. 

Accordingly , when the brokers sell 200 million kilos of paddy, the intermediaries collect Rs.  1400 million profit . When paddy is being collected , even  politicos conduct themselves as powerful   officials, he pointed out. Kataragama Basnayake Nilame who does not own a single rice mill ,after collecting paddy in many hundreds of thousands of kilos  is selling them at higher prices .  Dudley Sirisena also explained ,because the price for kiri samba was fixed , the production of nadu rice has declined, and that  is ruthlessly hitting below the belt of the low income earners of the country. 

The full text of the speech of Dudley Sirisena exposing the rackets , as well as his answers to the questions posed by journalists are hereunder.

If you wish to save  data , you can listen to the audio tape by clicking here

The video footage is below 

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Harrison, who can afford to eat a mound of rice as high as Piduruthalagala, unlike Harrison Ford in "Bladerunner" cannot produce robots to work as extra farm hands in ancient Polonnaruwa and Hambantota. So what does he do instead? He does what he is best at : talk bullshit to gullibles for more than half an hour. After vomiting bullshit for over 30 minutes, one hopes that he will not next resort to a gundu like Madame Sirimavo used - pledging to bring rice from the moon.
-- by K. Bulathsinhala on 2017-01-01

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