Kaveendra demeans justice ! LeN complains to JSC with evidence..

(Lanka-e-News -01.Dec.2016, 5.00PM) Among those who discharge their official duties   there are those who perform their tasks duly and there are also  those who demean their professions. Prostitution of official position is not uncommon.  The Sri  Lankan society in the past has identified these two groups . While there are baasses there are also counterfeit baasses (maka baass) ; there are proctors and fakes; there are doctors and quacks; there are teachers and  bogus teachers; politicians and pseudo politicians; there are  artistes and spurious ones  ; there are journalists and journalist coolies ; like there  are ammas (mothers)  and summas( pseudo mothers) , there are also children and bastards ; there are judges (male)  and  rogues ; and like nadukkaris  (female  judges) there are also hadukkaris ( showcase  cuties).

It is by now a widely known fact , Gampaha magistrate Kaveendra is one who demeans and degrades  her own profession because  she has no idea about her profession or professional  ethics  - when it is concerning  dispensation of justice . We make this allegation based on valid grounds , and because we can substantiate those .

In the case of assault launched on Rivira editor Upali Tennekoon , the latter and his wife identified the assailant in the identification parade . Yet , because Lanka e news published a photograph of the suspect prior to the identification parade , Kaveendra  decided that the LeN editor committed contempt of court , and issued an Interpol warrant , which in fact is   tantamount to her showing  contempt for and disdaining  her  own profession .That is , based on her ignorance she has caused  miscarriage of justice by trespassing on the laws, and thereby acted unlawfully.

Hereunder is evidence testifying to it …

Lanka e news did  not publish a photograph of the assailant who attacked Upali Tennekoon prior to the holding of the identification parade. We only published the photograph of the prime suspect in Lasantha’s murder………

The CID took suspect Premananda Udalagama the leader of the squad of Lasantha’s murder into custody  on 2016-07-15 night. The CID before that published two sketches of the suspect . ('Army sergeant major the leader of murder squad responsible for ghastly brutal murder of Lasantha Wickremethunge arrested.!') On the day following the arrest of Udalagama , that is on 2016-07 -16  morning , the suspect was produced in Mt. Lavinia court for an identification parade .Lanka e news published a report along with a photograph of the suspect whose face  was covered when he was being produced in court. ( 'Gota gets cold feet and drives himself mad with arrest of sergeant major Premananda Udalagama over Lasantha murder !')

Subsequently , on the 18 th of July 2016 , LeN for the first time published the photograph of Udalagama as the murder squad leader in Lasantha’s murder after the identification parade. ( ''Two teams enlisted for Lasantha’s murder: Army sergeant major Premananda Udalagama was with Karuna group'')

We obtained that photograph after browsing the internet. Based on reports reaching us , Udalagama was working earlier on as a military  attaché at the German Embassy , and when we along with  the group of the inside information division of LeN in Germany  browsed the internet of the Embassy during that  period , we found the photograph of Udalagama taken when he attended a New Year celebration at the Embassy office.

What  we published on 2016- 07- 18 was that photograph. This was published two days after Udalagama’s identification parade in relation to Lasantha’s murder  was held. Hence , when we published the photo  for the first time we have not violated any laws.

After we published the photo of Udalagama for the first time as the prime suspect in Lasantha’s murder , many media used that photo and published it without quoting us. Thereafter , when Udalagama was interrogated , the CID became aware that he had assaulted Rivira editor and his wife. Accordingly , the editor and his wife were got down from America , and an identification parade was conducted again before them on 28 th August 2016. LeN published that report in English edition under ( ''Cat is out of the bag..! Rajapakses shed crocodile tears after orchestrating attack on Tennekoon following the killing of Lasantha -Tennekoons identify culprit Udalagama - Lasantha’s killer''). However a photograph of Udalagama was not published by us with that report.

In other words , what we published was the photograph of the prime suspect in Lasantha’s murder and not the assailant’s  involved in the attack on Rivira editor. Later both   turned out to be  the same individual following police investigations and not based on LeN report .

Hence, Kaveendra’s allegation that  because we published the photo of the assailant of Rivira editor prior to the identification parade it is tantamount to committing contempt of court is baseless , a figment of imagination of Kaveendra and a mental delusion – a contract !

In the circumstances LeN editor has lodged a complaint with the JSC against Kaveendra Nanayakkara on 29 th  explaining the true picture  through lawyer Upul Kumaraperuma . Incidentally this the second complaint made by us against her.

In plants  flowers bloom naturally, but justice is something that does not blossom  naturally . It must be  dispensed . Everybody  shall  fight for his/her justice  . That has been  the history of the human race. Of course among them are many Shylocks and Kaveendras. There have been  countless, but  they have all finally putrefied and perished. It is only justice that prevails  and is permanent . It is only pristine  justice that  moves ahead forever emitting  fragrance.

By Wimal Dheerasekera

Translated by Jeff.  

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LeN: Hats off to you guys. Keep the ball rolling. This woman Kaveendra Na Na Yakkka ra is NOT FIT to hold the position of a Magistrate.
-- by mike on 2016-12-01

In democratic countries like the UK and USA, when the police cannot find a suspect in a prime high-profile case, they sometimes seek help from newspeprs requesting the media to publish a photo or caricature of the main suspect or suspects. Thank heavens that these countries don't have idiotoc, embecile and vengeful judges like Gampaha Kaveendra Nutkara or else most of their editors would be in remand,
-- by Dave Sorrows on 2016-12-01

-- by asdf on 2016-12-02

Order by the magistrate is appealable . Appeal to the High Court
-- by ralahami on 2016-12-02

This woman is not competent to serve as Magistrate. Wonder whether she went to the same law school as "lowyer" Namal. Her appearance is that of a basket woman!
-- by Cecil on 2016-12-02

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