Media can pinpoint wrongs of judges : LeN had not insulted judges –Media Dep.Minister

-Wijedasa’s rabble rousing statements don’t represent govt. view –cabinet spokesman

(Lanka-e-News -24.Nov.2016, 2.30PM) The exposure of the faults  of the judges of courts by the media is not   wrongful , said  Karu Paranavithane , the deputy minister of media .
Ravaya Editor Victor Ivan too spearheaded a struggle on behalf of the independence of the judiciary , and what he  revealed have not been proved wrong , the deputy minister pointed out. 

The statement made by Justice minister Wijedasa Rajapakse that the Lanka e news website editor shall be got down via an Interpol warrant , was  unrelentingly questioned by the media at the cabinet meeting. 

Minister Wijedasa said , LeN editor will be got down via an Interpol warrant . As minister of media , what have you to say in this regard ?

(Minister Gayantha Karunatileke did not give an answer.)

Are you not aware of the announcement made by Justice minister ?

Gayantha Karunatileke : I am aware. 

How can the Justice minister make such a statement before an investigation is conducted? 
Answer : Karu Paranavitharne :
I shall explain. We do not know whether Lanka e news editor is a Sri Lankan citizen , or a citizen of another country or he is a refugee in another country. We have no need to punish him by law as a journalist of his media  website .

If such a step is to be taken  that should be done via our ministry  . We shall not do that. During the tenure of office of the last government his media website was set on fire.
Magistrates are being insulted, the justice minister said, but I have not come across such situations. The Justice minister told me too the magistrates are complaining to him they are being vilified. 

How can steps be taken without a probe? 
Answer :
Without an investigation , no measures can be taken. Justice minister only spoke  about the insults , and the criticisms leveled personally against the magistrates.

When a magistrate was arrested over the robbery of an elephant, that news website in question reported that the  Gampaha magistrate (female) in her   face book page criticized the Attorney General (AG) . We also read that. Are publishing  such reports wrongful ? 
Answer :
Reporting and exposing a wrong is not an issue. What   minister of Justice said was , judges are complaining  that personal insults  are being cast on them .

During the period of the last government this said  website , and other media Institutions were set on fire . Journalists were murdered . Yet investigations are under way only in regard to the deaths of two journalists , why ?

Gayantha K.
Reports of some investigations have been lost . Everything is being investigated. 

The president and the prime minister too are openly blaming the media . A prominent media was described as a ‘toilet paper’. What do you say to that ?  
Answer :
We do not stifle the media. Anybody has the right to criticize the media too.
Meanwhile, minister Dr. Rajitha Senarathne disclosed  at the cabinet meeting , the statement made by Justice minister Wijedasa Rajapakse about  the ISIS and the media  do not represent the views of the government . The president also  revealed to him that the announcement made by Wijedasa pertaining to the ISIS is untrue , Rajitha revealed. Owing to this statement , a fear psychosis has been created among the Muslims , Rajtha lamented. 

Report of Tharindu Jayawardena for Lankadeepa 

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Even if president does any wrong thing it should be exposed to the public. It is the duty and responsibility of any media. Ministers come and go but media.Media too should remember to speak the truth and to be impartial. In this case , may be the reason that Minister Dr. Wijedasa wants to punish LEN because of that Avandt Guard relationship. I can remember he was hurt those days.What ever it is, nobody must have personal agendas like United opposition. Country first,party second and personal agendas third, We all must remember this.
-- by wella on 2016-11-24

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