Death in Weerawansa’s mansion :Youth had illicit relationship with Sashi and died due to excessive intake of Viagra !

(Lanka-e-News -17.Nov.2016, 9.00 AM) The death of the youth (24) Lahiru Janith Dissanayake under suspicious and mysterious circumstances while he was staying the night in the mansion of Wimal Weerawansa on the 24 th of October has been due to the intake of excess amount of the aphrodisiac -Viagra , based on the medical report  . The youth has been maintaining an illicit sexual relationship with Weerawansa’s wife  for a long period , and it is the latter who had given him the Viagra to stimulate inordinate sexual urge , a witness revealed , according to reports reaching Lanka e news.

Report of Dr. P.B. Dissanayake

Based on the report of Medical specialist Dr.P.B. Dissanayake of Kalubowila hospital  who conducted the autopsy , at the time of the death of the youth there was an excess amount of Viagra in his system and extraordinary sexual  stimulation . Since the Viagra intake was excessive , the blood supply to the heart was enormous resulting in the heart failure owing to the  inability of the heart  to cope with the blood rush. The blood vessel has burst , and that was why blood had oozed out at the nose.

When his organ was dissected seminal fluid was detected meaning that he died while he was engaged in sex, and his sexual activity had lasted for a period between 4 to 6 hours prior to his death , the medical report reveals.

Illicit husband -wife relationship between Lahiru and Sashi 

Meanwhile, a friend of the deceased had made a  most intriguing and interesting statement  to  the police officers investigating the death (The friend’s name cannot be  revealed right now).

According to his evidence , the youth and Sashi Weerawansa had been living as husband and wife for a long time on the sly. The deceased  had been visiting Weerawansa’s house as a friend of his son Vibuthi . After  Weerawansa learnt of the affair Lahiru had with his wife , one day he has barged into the house of Lahiru and  assaulted him . He had also  warned Lahiru  not  to step into Weerawansa’s house, and to sever the friendship ties with his son Vibuthi.

However , Weerawansa has taken precautions not to discuss this before the inmates of Lahiru’s house. Nevertheless Lahiru’s mother who got wind of this has berated Lahiru , and told him to stop visiting the house of Weerawansa where Sashi (Weerawansa’s wife cum Lahiru’s illict lover)  was also living.
Lahiru has told his friend (witness)  that no matter who says what , he is not going to halt his affair with Weerawansa’s wife Sashi.  Weerawansa who heard of this had assaulted Sashi , Lahiru has revealed most sorrowfully to his friend. Lahiru has also disclosed that when he is with Sashi , she gives a drug, and when that is taken he  ‘ can smash  until that  is torn into bits’ , the statement to the police of Lahiru’s friend reveals.

Sudath Chandrasekera , special assistant of Prime Minister (P.M.) exerts pressure

There had been intense pressure brought to bear on the police to suppress the evidence of the friend of Lahiru. The main person behind this is Sudath Chandrasekera a former police officer  , and currently the ‘special assistant of prime minister’   who from the very outset left no stone unturned to conceal this episode  from the moment the alleged murder was known , and was exerting undue pressures on the police.

This was the culprit  whom Lanka  e news referred to without mentioning the name in  its earlier reports as the scoundrel  who was interfering with the investigations.  Because his name was not certain at that time we did not reveal it. But now it is confirmed he is the rascal. 

Sudath the culprit paints the picture that he is the ‘Private secretary’ of the P.M. though the latter does not have such a secretary. 

Sudath holds the post of ‘Prime Minister’s special assistant’  , the same post as Sandra Perera and K.P. Dayaratne at Temple Trees. Though Sandra and Dayaratne are discharging their duties duly in their posts , Sudath has been chased away by the P.M. and warned not to step into the Temple Trees after his despicable and detestable  wheeler dealer activities became known. Hence Sudath is now  functioning from Sri Kotha only. Even after  Sudath was discarded , he still indulges in high handed activities surreptitiously while masquerading as  P.M.’s ‘private secretary’ to  dupe even the ministers and high ranking police officers.

Of course , the surest and swiftest route available to  the P. M. if it is his desire to  tarnish his image is to allow Sudath to abuse his position by interfering in police investigations continuously, putting through illicit deals ,  and selling  P.M.’s  name.

It is to be noted , it is only after Lanka e news fearlessly , frankly and forthrightly exposed the sly activities , the interference and undue pressures exerted  pertaining  to this mysterious death  , the investigation was entrusted to the CID by the president.
The investigations are continuing.

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The more enews writes about this case, the more bizarre it sounds.Why did a young lad who screwed an old mistress, who was once the private property of a modaya, have a need to use a heavy dose of stimulents for his privates unless the youth was a ponnaya. just like the modaya he so foolishly replaced in an extra marital affair that turned out to be so nafarious and mortal ?
-- by C. Kodikara on 2016-11-17

I think I know better because I think I know Wimalasena better. Knowing very well the result of an over-doze of Viagra (because Sashi would have tried it on Wimal first) Wimal might have compelled Lahiru forcefully to take a very high over-doze of it with the sole intention of causing the inevitable. I guess Sashi knows but she wouldn't tell because she has no use for a corpse.
-- by Perumal on 2016-11-18

As the Sinhala saying goes"Issage oluwe goo thiyagena mama suddai kiyanawa". Hope at least now that dog will shut his mouth.
-- by Perera on 2016-11-18

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