Conspiracy to free Duminda Silva in Bharatha Lakshman murder case by Sarath Silva: Black money rides the high horse !

(Lanka-e-News -26.July.2016, 8.15PM) A ‘courts conspiracy’ is being hatched to get R. Duminda Silva the accused in the murder of Bharatha Lakshman freed and exonerated of all charges, based on Lanka e news courts inside information division reports.

This case was heard by a special panel of three High court judges is now  concluded, and  the verdict is pending now. The judges who comprised the  panel  were ,  Shiran Gunaratne ( president) , Padmini Ranawake Gunatileke and M.C.B.N. Moraes .

Behind this conspiracy is most infamously famous  ex chief justice (CJ) Sarath N . De Silva and Shiran Gunaratne , president of the panel who became a  judge with the patronage of the former . Shiran being  a direct  ardent follower of notorious Silva , he has  decided already to free Duminda Silva at the behest of Sarath N Silva.

The views  of the other two judges being  most important in respect of this decision, already intense pressures have been brought to bear on judge Padmini Ranawake deploying the ‘black monies’ of  infamous  ex CJ and equally notorious ex M.P. Duminda Silva. Padmini  however  is still on the fence and vacillating .

Judge Moraes on the other hand has already decided that Duminda Silva is guilty. Yet since the final verdict is hinged on the majority decision of the judges , the decision of Padmini is most crucial to the  two  Silvas , and her value has tremendously shot up to them .

The verdict in this case is to be delivered in the first week of September

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See what is going in the Justice department Even the High Court Judges are Corrupt and up to Bribery So We definetely need Foreign judjes to look and hear all the Cases in the entire Justice Department They Are All Corrupt Sarath Silva "Ex Thief Justice" is playing games "Dont Bullshit Sarath" Come On Justice Padmini Dont let the side down STICK TO YOUR GUNS
-- by Trevor Lord on 2016-07-26

LEN, you are my number 1 as protector of the People. LEN is my default setting in Chrome. You are the only one who fearlessly exposes the dirty invertebrates who will stoop to licking the anogenitals of those in power - be it in the Judiciary, Armed Forces or the Administration. BRAVO! Please remain vigilant. You were not cowed by the Marapalanaya; don't be cowed by the Yamapalanaya.
-- by Funlover on 2016-07-27

We believe Justice Padmini will not be influenced by the corrupt Silvas and Rajapaksas. Be a true daughter of Sri Lanka, Justice Padmini, of whom the whole country could be proud of. You will be remembered for ever if the correct verdict is given.Our best wishes for a sane verdict.
-- by Peter on 2016-07-27

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