Can you beat that ! Drug dealer has sold firearms to Anti narcotics bureau officer !

Can you believe ! Police high ups are trying to suppress the crime

(Lanka-e-News -03.June.2016, 11.30PM)  A group of police high ups are planning to rescue a  sub inspector of the anti narcotics bureau who illegally purchased a firearm from a heroin peddler  cum  supplier of weapons to the underworld criminals , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

This criminal intent came to light when the TID (Terrorist investigation department) took Army Sampath , an underworld  leader into custody. During interrogation of Army Sampath  he had revealed that firearms were sold to him by a heroin dealer by the name of Sanath from  Negombo, who had been in France for some time working as a hiring vehicle driver.

Sanath was arrested some time ago for possessing a quantity of ecstasy drugs .While he was out on bail in the ecstasy drugs case , he was arrested again  on a confession made by Army Sampath over weapon transactions . On the second occasion he was taken into custody by the TID.

When Sanath was questioned on,  to who else arms were sold, he disclosed that he sold an  Air rifle to Mahinda ,the  Sub  Inspector attached to the anti narcotics division. He  has sold this weapon after the quantity of ecstasy of his aforementioned was taken into custody.

From this the close illicit relationship an officer of the anti narcotics bureau had with a drug dealer, became very evident.

The TID is in the fourth floor , and the anti narcotics bureau is in the third floor. The Director of the TID is Nalaka Silva SSP , and the Director of the Anti Narcotics Bureau is Kamal Silva SSP who are good friends, while  SI Mahinda is a shameless  lackey and lickspittle of  Kamal Silva and there are many secret dealings between the two.  Owing to this , Kamal Silva told Nalaka Silva to suppress this crime.

The air rifle that was sold  by Sanath the drug dealer to SI Mahinda was discovered  by the TID  from  the house of Mahinda .Though the rifle was brought to the TID , nothing was recorded of SI Mahinda.

SI Mahinda’s past records too place him in the worst possible light. He  serves as a body guard of Sarath Kumara Gunaratne and is  a wheeler dealer who transacts many under hand deals. It is because Kamal Silva is helped in his underhand transactions by  Mahinda SI , the former is protecting and safeguarding the latter despite this crime coming to light with full evidence including the weapon.

If it is the aim to eradicate the drug menace in the country through officers of the anti  narcotics division who are purchasing weapons on the sly from drug dealers , it is better to follow the policy of ‘setting a thief  to catch a thief’ , and employ the drug dealers in the anti narcotics division to apprehend the so called  anti narcotics officers within !  

As long as there are anti narcotics division Directors safeguarding such crooked officers  under them and  contributing to the drug menace ,people cannot ever expect solace.

The present IGP Poojitha Jayasundara was some time ago  a DIG  at the anti Narcotics Bureau , and he surely must be aware of the (mis)deeds and deals of Kamal Silva SSP . While Poojitha was at the Bureau , he made attempts to transfer Kamal De Silva , but after becoming  the IGP he had forgotten that. Sadly , Poojitha is now occupied full time not  in discharging his duties duly , rather building and boosting his image nursing  the aspiration to become a politician at the next election. With this in view , he is only working part time as the IGP .

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